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It all started when I got into the van which transported me to the exit of Skopje. From there, I rolled over on a bus that was my moving home in the next 24 hours. After many hours spent in the bus, breaks at some of the petrol […]

Pink soup?

I don‘t know how many of you tried it or even hear about it, but those who didn‘t are missing out. Ok, I know that everything comes up to the taste and you cannot really argue about that, because eveone likes different things, but in Lithuania we are […]

Pivolend 2017

It was the day before the Super Cup match, Monday. I clearly remember walking up towards the old bazaar, people trying to sell me T-shirts, and all I would say is “Which way is Pivolend?”. We found it with ease. I think we had gotten there quite early […]

Montenegro and Serbia

The places that I have been in my vacation are Montenegro ‘Budva,Bar and Kotor’, Serbia ‘Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad’.  All of them has  own special things therefore I can’t  explain which one is better or can’t do any comparison. A part from night traveling I was always […]

Cyprus: on the crossroad of continents

The island where many cultures mixed up creating an interesting mosaic culture, unfortunately it also caused too many political interests to clash resulting in still ongoing Greek-Turkish conflict. Things you may not know about Cyprus if you just browsed holiday brochure: In fact the island contains two separate […]

Cathedrals, cathedrals everywhere!

Hey, have you ever tried traveling with your parents and siblings? I bet you did. Your significant other? Probably. And what about taking a journey with your grandparents? Hmm..? Not really?   Well, I did. I traveled with all of them. At the same time. In one mini-van, […]

Drimon Festival

So it started with a morning meeting with a lot of other volunteers to be briefed about what we had to do for the festival to kick off. To my surprise, there were quite a lot of us, and we worked together to set up recycle bins around […]


Joninės, Jans, Sankthans, Jonsok, Noc Kupaly, or in one word, that everyone knows, Midsummer – is one of the most important occasions in northern countries during the summer. It‘s the collision of both pagan and Christian customs, that solemnize summer and fertility through the centuries up until this […]