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foto by Radek Kołakowski, Wikipedia Commons

Poland Part II: Capitals

Capitals – cities of origin of every nation, the ones forming history and identity of the state, the essence of its people. Poland, a country on wheels as one of my friends describes it, changed it shapes and geographic location quite radically throughout our dynamic history which resulted […]

Welcome to Poland!

Part I: agglomerations Up north, in East-central Europe, there is a country that still seems partially an unsurveyed area on tourist map. Don’t let it fool you, just drop by and discover Poland, here you can find some places worth-visiting: Silesia, as local patriot I couldn’t skip my […]

Summer 2017

Hey, guys, I don‘t know how about you , but I‘m prepared for the awesome summer that we will have. There will be so many festivals and event in Macedonia, not only in the capital Skopje, but also in other beautiful cities of the country. As a reminder […]


Terve! This is only one way of saying Hi in Finland! In this edition, I would like to familiarize you with a few lifestyle habits in Finland that I experienced when I moved here to study. I moved in within just two months of leaving Skopje so you […]

Prom parade 2017 in Skopje

Today 19th of May 2017 on the main square in Skopje was held Prom parade 2017. Me, as a Lithuanian watching it was very entertaining. Teens,who are finishing the High school gathered in the square and made a flash mob-like thing, which we don‘t have in our country. […]

10 Things to do in Dubrovnik

This amazing city in southern Dalmatia is bordered on one side by pure Adriatic waters and on the other by imposing limestone cliffs that seem to rise up to the sky. Dubrovnik is a beautiful Baroque city that was rebuilt after the terrible earthquake of 1667, and the […]

Monty Python

A comedy group with a special kind of humor “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, but I’m afraid my walk has become rather sillier recently.”;  “I fart in your general generation! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!” or “Now you listen here! […]