Category: Culture

Third NGO Fair held in Skopje

The third annual NGO Fair took place on the 6th December 2017 at the Youth  Cultural Centre (YCC) in Skopje. From eleven in the morning until four in the afternoon, dozens of volunteers and organizers were busy facilitating the work of 200 participants working for the 66 NGO […]

A celebration of life and death

The 1st of November, death people are commemorated all around the world. But this celebration changes a lot depending on the part of the world In France,  it’s a holiday, but not a happy day… We call this day “All saints”, or “La Toussaint” in french. Every year, […]

Lights out, screen on

Jump through a rabbit hole and let the adventure begin. Lights out, there is only darkness. You and the screen surrounded by dimming light. Lack of brightness gives you a feeling of undisturbed intimacy that covers you immediately after the last lamp turns off. Thin trickle lights up […]

Can you hear me?

If a violinist plays in the woods and there is no one there to hear him, does he really make a sound? Although this question was posed by one of characters from cult 90s. tv series Northern Exposure it didn’t lose on its validity. What would be the […]

Autumn menu

Just before leaving some place you mostly feel a bit nostalgic. It‘s the same with me and Macedonia. Now I think how will I miss the country, the people and ohh, the food. I love macedonian food. And especially now, since Ajvar season started. Whenever you go, you […]

Children laugh

Volunteer Centre Skopje made a decision to send me to Kumanovo for visiting another NGO organization “MultiKulti” for gaining new work experience with local children. I took a bus from the main station in Skopje at 08:30 and I was in Kumanavo at 09:15. Unfortunately, my phone died […]