Category: Culture

Melody of summer

Summer is coming… We’ve already hidden winter jackets and said hello to sandals, shorts and dresses. Don’t forget to put sun filters on your skin, no one wants to get older too soon, right? To me summer is the best season not only because of the sunny weather […]

The Sleeping Beauty in the Landscape

Once I had the privilege to shoot near the Skopje aqueduct. The area was restricted for visitors since there is a military stationnearby; we had to ask for a special permission for this from the army. I was then with another privilegetoo since I was shooting a documentary […]

Magic of the classical music

The philarmonic orchestra of Macedonia was created on 24th November 1944 by the composer Todor Skalovski. Nowadays, the orchestra has 87 members You comfortably sit in a red soft chair. In front of you on the stage, about 50 musicians are tuning their instrument in a pleasant hubbub. […]

Cartoons in the 90s

The 1990s was notable for a lot of things, but one thing not many people really think about is the types of cartoons and the impact these cartoons this decade brought with it. It’s Saturday morning. No school today, but somehow we’re able to wake up early to […]

The Modernism which lives in Nature

The designer of the tallest building in Japan, the “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, Shinjuku” and winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize is also the author of the urban plan for the city of Skopje. Unfortunately, only a small part of Kenzo Tange’s project was realized; as the Railway […]