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Фотографите како чувари на спомени, но и најчеста мета на кражби

“Фотографијата е приказната која не успевам да ја искажам со зборови” – Дестин Спаркс Фотоапаратите се едни од најдрагоцените предмети на светот. Од дрвени кутии прекриени со црн чаршаф, сè до аналогни и дигитални со долги објективи, апаратите со векови документираат безброј моменти. Но сепак фотоапаратите би биле безначајни доколку нема кој да ја создаде […]

Photographers as guardians of memories, but also the most common target of theft 

“Photography is a story I can not put into words” – Destin Sparks  Cameras are one of the most precious objects in the world. From wooden boxes covered with a black sheet to analog and digital with long lenses, the cameras have documented countless moments for centuries. But still, the cameras would be insignificant if […]

Stories of Kenyan women told through photographs

Looking at photos of women from Africa, we can often conclude that the photographer’s goal is to arouse sympathy. Renata’s project is distinctive: she has decided to photograph girls as well as she can, style the sessions, and do everything to turn things that are often considered disadvantages in society and the canons of beauty […]

Photography – Krume Kirovski

Sometimes we search for the beauty and happiness far away, but most of the time it is right in front of us. To see it, we have to look and dive within and around. This is what I realized not being able to travel outside of our own country for the past months. The beauty […]