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RE-thinking LEADership

From 16th to 19th of April 2018, in Ljubljana, 13 participants from Turkey, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Macedonia and Portugal took part in the Training Course RE-thinking LEADership, funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union and organized by the Institute for Youth Participation, Health and Sustainable Development […]

TrainVOL project

Between 28th and 30th of March 2018 Volunteers Centre Skopje hosted the  Transnational Project meeting held for the purposes of the Erasmus+ Project entitled “TrainVOL- Capacity Building of Civil Society to Strengthen Volunteerism Management and Promote Volunteerism among Youth’’. The TrainVol project aims to develop an alternative mechanism […]

Training course “Peers for diversity”

In the period of 19- 25 of March 2018 in Arad, Romania 21 youth workers went on a Thematic Awareness Training course titled #PeersforDiversity. The topic was on anti-discrimination. I (Kristina Mitrovska) along with Maja Ristevska had the honor to be representatives on behalf of the Volunteers Center […]

YE in Cyprus: TRIO

Every spot in this Earth has some small details that makes it unique in the Universe. So it is time to discover new small sweet places that make us happy. This time our boat took  us to one shiny island. This natural treasure is placed in the Mediterranean […]


Објавуваме повици за ЕВС волонтери на веќе одобрени проекти во Естонија, подолу во текстот можете да ги најдете потребните информации. Едно слободно место за ЕВС волонтер од Македонија на проект со Nursery Hellik–во Талин, Естонија со времетраење од 10 месеци (09.2017 – 30.06.2019) Детали за проектот The main […]

Evolve via education in Czech Republic…

Few weeks ago me, Dane and Aleksandra were selected to participate on Contact making seminar- Build your careers, held in the wonderful village of Skrdlovice in the country side of Czech Republic. Totally 3 participants from 10 different countries took part of the event including- Macedonia, Spain, Italy, […]


When you drive your life with passion and dedication to any cause it seems like you achieved certain level of satisfaction and happiness that we all strive for. And still the life itself confronts you always with challenges that you accept or other way – discard. People around […]