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It all started when I got into the van which transported me to the exit of Skopje. From there, I rolled over on a bus that was my moving home in the next 24 hours. After many hours spent in the bus, breaks at some of the petrol […]

Make your life better!

A lot of people in the world didn’t know anything about volunteer job. But everything is changed. Now youth have more information from social media and opportunities for work and travelling in different country. One of the Erasmus+ program it name is European Volunteer Service (EVS) allows us […]

How to use Cigna insurance?

At the beginning of EVS project Every volunteer who join on the program for youth on Erasmus + EVS at the beginning of this project he is register of Cigna insurance. “What is Cigna insurance?” – Cigna insurance is your life-jacket, when anyone can’t help you and you […]

Changing Life

A lot of people in the world are not happy with their life that is one of the reason why people always want to posses some aim in their life. In this way most of people think like this aim will bring to them happiness. Actually from one […]

Woman and Ice Hockey?!

Monika Pishevska is 19 years old and is currently the first year of the Faculty of Law at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius “in Skopje where she studies Political Science. At the age of 4, she met and loved skating as a sport , thanks to her […]

VOICES Summer Edition 2017…

Summer…July and August are always the hottest months of the year…The weather forecast says that we will experience tropical heat in the days to follow…What to do? VOICES team have the perfect solution for you…Seat in the shadow, put your air conditioner or ventilator on, put the VOICES […]