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  • Road tripping around Europe

    Road tripping around Europe

    Have you ever wanted to quit everything and go road tripping? VOICES interviewed a French family that decided to do that with their 2 young kids. Find out how they did it by listening to this new episode of VOICES to Hear!

  • Why you should start with karate and participate in Erasmus+ projects!

    Why you should start with karate and participate in Erasmus+ projects!

    What do Karate and Erasmus+ have in common? Viktor of course! Our guest for this episode is not only a karate champion, but also an Erasmus+ facilitator. He gives some interesting insights in those two worlds and by the end of this episode you will probably want to start participating in both because they sure…

  • Cycling around the World

    Cycling around the World

    Have you ever thought about travelling the world… by bike? Regardless, VOICES explores this topic with  Juri, a German guy who has been doing that for the past few months. Starting in Germany, he travelled through the Balkan countries, nearly got killed by bears, saw every side of Istanbul and will finish his tour in…

  • Happily n’ever after

    Happily n’ever after

    Finding the love of your life is not easy. First, you have to survive dating. Sometimes dates are so unsuccessful that they could discourage you from looking for your happily ever after. But sometimes, all we can do is learn from past mistakes or… laugh. Listen to today’s episode and tell us about your dating…

  • How to deal with being vegan?

    How to deal with being vegan?

    Vegan diets are growing in popularity due to health, animal welfare, or environmental concerns. Over the years, vegan eating has gone from tasteless to trendy to making inroads into the mainstream. VOICES talked to Ilon to find out what the deal is with being vegan.

  • The journey of an eco-entrepreneur

    The journey of an eco-entrepreneur

    We talked with the Macedonian software engineer and eco-activist Gorjan Jovanosvki. Willing to make a positive impact on the world, he created the AirCare App to inform every citizen about the quality of air that they breathe.

  • The power of story

    The power of story

    VOICES talked to Iskra Dimkovska, editor of the publishing house Skaznuvalka, to learn more about the power of stories and the new books that will be published in May.

  • Rap Music – Old is Gold

    Rap Music – Old is Gold

    Petar, a young enthusiast of rap music, share his passion for this music genre and how is the situation with rap music in Macedonia.

  • Calisthenics. What?!

    Calisthenics. What?!

    The word calisthenics comes from the Greek words kallos (beauty) and sthenos (strength). Beautiful strength. We asked Ferran Mortés McLellan what exactly does beautiful strength or calisthenics means. Ferran is part of the “Viking Method” group that gathers teenagers aged 16-20 who do calisthenics workouts every Sunday together. Consistent, passionate and ready to help. He…

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