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foto by Radek Kołakowski, Wikipedia Commons

Poland Part II: Capitals

Capitals – cities of origin of every nation, the ones forming history and identity of the state, the essence of its people. Poland, a country on wheels as one of my friends describes it, changed it shapes and geographic location quite radically throughout our dynamic history which resulted […]

Welcome to Poland!

Part I: agglomerations Up north, in East-central Europe, there is a country that still seems partially an unsurveyed area on tourist map. Don’t let it fool you, just drop by and discover Poland, here you can find some places worth-visiting: Silesia, as local patriot I couldn’t skip my […]

Chavela Vargas

  How I met Chavela Vargas Since some months ago, I didn’t know who Chavela Vargas was. I didn’t know nothing until I listened her songs through an italian version done by two italians songwriters, Dimartino and Cammarata, whose decided to write a book and record an album […]


A GAME OF ROYALS ORIGIN OF CHESS AND CHANGES THEREAFTER… According to chess historians, chess is one of the oldest games in existence, that originated around 6th century AD. In those times, The Indian Rajah (King) believed that war was the most effective school to learn the values […]


On 1st of June, 2017, Volunteers Center Skopje organized one more  Language Café together EVS volunteers and other native speakers from countries like Italy, Turkey, Germany, France, Spain, Poland. All the visitors had the opportunity to meet international people, speak, practice or learn the basics of all the […]