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The internet’s influence

To date, the internet is one of the most advanced things the human species have built. It allows us to connect with anyone we want, watch videos wherever we want, look up information about what we want and do so much more. It is truly amazing if you […]

Story of Roma community

The history of the Roma community is full of inequality, marginality and injustices but the Second World War is without the doubt one of the most dramatic pages, especially in Romania. But, why this cruelty with the Roma people? They are in fact the largest ethnic minority in […]

To all of you #FootballPeople

From the 11th till the 25th of October 2018 the global movement of the FARE network, #FootballPeople was taking place all around the world. In these weeks the action is to challenge all forms of discrimination, promote sport values and make and celebrate the fact that football is […]

VOICES November 2018

Maybe it looks like it is November, usual one, every year the same month in same time. No, this is not one more November in people life. It is November for first time, the leaves on the ground are for first time, child hands are on mum shoulder […]

Across the world

Why do people go abroad? Is a question with many answers. While being in Macedonia one would meet a lot of people who have lived, worked or studied abroad. This is a Macedonian couple story who will go study and explore across the world  in Australia. Angela (21) […]

Lets’s recycle!

When I arrived in Skopje, the first thing I noticed on the streets was that there is a lot of litter and the garbage continents were full of waste. In the apartment I also saw that there were no sorting bins. I did not like the idea how […]

All the world’s a stage

You have different types of theaters but I am going to tell you about improvisation theater that I do in Belgium because I do this myself and it is my hobby and passion. In this kind of theater you do not need any costumes, no make-up, no special […]

Youth Exchange C.U.T.E.

C.U.T.E. – Cooperate, Understand, Tolerate and Empower. Just some of the things that we had the chance to learn on this youth exchange, which turned out to be a life changing experience. This youth exchange took place from 29.07-07.08 and had 4 countries participating: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and […]

A dog’s life

He’s white with brown elements on fur. On the head he has a brown patch and it makes him look like a pirate. Together with My friends we named him Sparrow. He is always happy when he sees me and ready to follow me anywhere I go. He […]


At the begging of the world cup, picks were doing well. Which team will win this 21 first soccer competition. The title holder, Germany? Brazil with Neymar? Or the unpredictable Spain ? And what about France with its young team, Argentine with Messi or Portugal, last winner of […]