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Living in a virtual world

News, images, videos, information, games, working remotely, meeting doctors remotely, ordering products and clothes, and speaking with your friends on another side of the world. You have access to that all if you have Internet and a smartphone or other device, which can be used to get you online. Nowadays, over 10 billion devices are […]

Parasomnia – when your nightmares are living your life

You are a child, innocent, and life goes on. One day you have a terrible experience, so bad that it’s been recalled by your conscience day by day. You think that everything will be fine, but there is something that reminds you that no. Nightmares. Nothing will go well. You want to cry and every […]

Self-improvement; unlock your full potential

Self-improvement is a personal process where the individual begins by being self-aware. He sees who he wants to be and, most importantly, sees who he is capable of becoming. As a result of being self-aware, you can analyze your habits and transform them into good ones. For instance, getting enough sleep, training, eating healthy, or […]

Let’s go zero waste. Period.

There are almost 4 billion women in the world right now, of which roughly half has monthly periods. Menstruation is a normal event in every healthy woman of reproductive age’s life. While the de-stigmatization of menstruation and the elimination of period poverty worldwide are underway, the debate over sustainable menstruation is still far. It’s a […]

Modern love

Clammy palms, a racing heart, and butterflies in the stomach – almost everyone knows this state. Love… Getting into a love relationship today is entirely different from the times of our ancestors. It was different only 20 years ago. What has changed? What is love in the time of Tinder?

The thousand and one lives of pajamas

Pajamas, pyjamas, PJs, night suits – whatever we call them, pajamas are part of our everyday wear. Pajamas have been beloved by all for centuries. In winter, fuzzy socks and fluffy pajamas are the perfect outfit to enjoy cozying for a good night’s sleep or for those who like spending their day lounging around the […]

Simone Biles, the Golden Queen of Gymnastics

“I’m not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps…I’m the first Simone Biles.” – Simone Biles You can’t talk about gymnastics without mentioning Simone Biles. At just 24 years old, the young woman has already made history. Known for her gymnastics skills and gravity-defying performances, the Afro-American girl dominates the world of gymnastics. Her record-breaking […]

Living Car Museum

Sirenje, ajvar, tavče gravče, rakija, kebab, shopska salad, amazing nature, sun and amazing atmosphere created by people – these are some of the first associations I have in my head about Macedonia. I believe that most people who have visited this country at least once in their life would say the same. As a volunteer […]

Stories of Kenyan women told through photographs

Looking at photos of women from Africa, we can often conclude that the photographer’s goal is to arouse sympathy. Renata’s project is distinctive: she has decided to photograph girls as well as she can, style the sessions, and do everything to turn things that are often considered disadvantages in society and the canons of beauty […]

Visually impaired and the pandemic: “I just want to stop it, to make it disappear”

The pandemic hasn’t been easy. Hugs became cold fist bumps, going out with friends became long hours on the phone, touching became forbidden, and disinfection and fear took over. Closeness disappeared, but some people felt it more than others. “It wasn’t good, I was pretty afraid,” shares Filip Velickovski, a 7th grader studying at Dimitar […]

Live music slowly coming back to life

Spending time without friends, not going out to favorite places, and not enjoying life to the fullest. Not only that, people were missing during the pandemic: playing music live had to stop. After spending a long time within the four walls and listening to performers only on electronic devices, the sun is slowly starting to […]