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Old Professions in Old Bazaar

Old Bazaar with historic streets is the most frequent destination for both the locals and foreign tourists visiting the city. The bazaar where traditions succeeded to survive has a secret story on almost every corner. Nowadays it is a protected national landmark and contains numerous old craftsmen shops. […]

Pulse of Skopje

Stara Carsija, the place that you cannot miss while you travel to Skopje. The place that pulsates with life by day and offers plenty of spots to drink and party by night. You need to cross the river Vardar on historical Stone Bridge and leave behind the modern […]

Voices April 2018

“It has 2,150 stores. There are squares and markets with vaults and domes. Of all the most beautiful are: the Bazaar of Bezazes (cotton fabrics), umbrellas, slippers, paints and hats. These are big bazaars made according to plan. Their streets are clean and cobbled. Each shop is decorated […]

Success requires sacrifice

  Let’s start with the hottest topic: Handball European Championship in Croatia and the performance of Macedonian national team. We had a great start and we finished 11th, why we did not manage to make it to the finals? Naumche Mojsovski: Yes, we had a good beginning, in […]

Voices March 2018

When YouTube celebrated ten years in 2015, it is less surprising that the most viewed video on this probably the most popular platform in the world is “Gangam Style” of the South Korean sensation Psy. A little known to the European and American continent, now the 41-year-old planetary […]

Love without borders

Their story might be the script for romantic movie but it’s even better because it’s real. Her name is Lenedge. His name is Jani. She is from Republic of South Africa. He is from Macedonia. Already sounds interesting? Read further… They met for the first time on 29th […]

Voices February issue 2018

Let’s play sports. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. We hoped for semifinals and the medal, in the end we fell down at the bottom, so most of us do not even know how the European Handball Championship finished in Croatia. That’s how it is in […]


The whole world knows the story about Noora Dodevska, who met her love on the Macedonian-Serbian border, when she was a refugee from Iraq and he was a policeman. This way of love started very fast and everyone would like to follow that story. After almost two years […]

Crazy about salsa

It’s Saturday night in Skopje, we are in a club and the place is full. Everybody is looking well dressed and good. Lot a people are smiling, swinging and twirling. Just watching them dancing, we can feel a good vibe and energy everywhere. But it’s not a club […]