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Volunteering in a Spanish village that even Google can’t find

What is “Agres”? Do you mean “Sagres”? No, Mr. Google, it’s Agres, trust me. A village is resting on a peaceful mountain that is ever so present in the narrow streets that feel more vertical than horizontal. A bundle of houses squashed together – a place where everything is close, and the people are even […]

India’s one-billion-dollar slum

“I strongly believe that the west has much to learn from societies and places which, while sometimes poorer in material terms, are infinitely richer in how they live and organize themselves as communities” – Prince Charles. Featured in the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire movie, Dharavi is one of the world’s most infamous slums. The film depicts a cliché […]

Local journalism: an underrated task

Which news is read the most? Without any doubt, those are the ones that are related to deaths, tragic events, money, or gossip. But does that news affect us as citizens? An enormous amount of them is pure entertainment. We’ll read them, share them, and comment on them with our friends, and in a few […]

Concrete landscapes

I’ve always been fascinated by the problems of urban areas. Damaged buildings, squatting people in empty corners where even police are afraid to check. Additionally, loads of socio-economic issues the municipality cannot handle alone. My former field of study is recreating these spaces and making them more livable. I feel like it is engrained in […]

Work together to make things better

For many years, humanity has had to work as a group to achieve common goals. Since the beginning of time, we have had to cooperate to survive, hunt for food, make fire, and learn from each other. The key to human evolution has always been cooperation. In a society where one is judged by his social and […]

History of a red headscarf

It happened in the middle of one summer night. 2:13 a.m., she was fighting for every breath but couldn’t manage. I was just beside her, couldn’t move, say or do anything but let her go. To the other, better side, when there’s no more pain. After eight months of fighting, we lost her. She left […]

How and why to make a lifestyle change

There is talk around the world about healthy living and how important it is to maintain good daily routines. However, it is not relatively as easy as what is said in newspapers and on the Internet. Lifestyle change is a big challenge that requires finding the right tools. Unfortunately, money also affects a little bit, […]

Chinese, Japanese, Korean… What’s the difference?

While the four countries may be close in proximity, the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages are entirely unrelated to each other genetically. Let’s learn about the differences and unique features of the three languages! CHINESEThe Chinese language is written using only Chinese ideogram characters. Also called hanzi, Chinese characters combine a very delicate and beautiful […]

Books as our friends

Books – an incredible art style that has been around since the creation of society itself. Starting from the simple cuneiform and colorful pictograms found on clay tablets and walls of ancient buildings, mysterious scrolls, scraps of pages contained in simple bindings and slowly evolving into wonderful masterpieces both in appearance and in the beautiful […]

Too much, too soon, too little

It was the night. I was coming back home by car with my parents. As a little girl, I was sleeping on the back couch. A big wham and jolt woke me up. I was shocked because I didn’t know what had happened. My father got out of the car. I was crying and screaming […]

Can we believe in what we see?

Nowadays, it’s easy to put words in someone’s mouth. How? Just with deepfakes, which are the specific kind of synthetic media. Tools supported by artificial intelligence that allow creating compelling images, audio, and video hoaxes have become so familiar and accessible that they are a severe threat to celebrities or politicians and all of us.  […]