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The Pearl of the Aegean

The great poet of Izmir, Homeros, described it as ‘the most beautiful city under the sky dome, Aristotle emphasizes to Alexander the importance of İzmir, saying that if you do not see it, you are missing something , the geographer Strabon described it as ‘the most beautiful of […]

Weekends like that – Brajcino

Friday afternoon, 10 people and full load. We just waved to Kristina and hit the road. Direction – Brajcino, small village near Prespa lake, located in Pelister National Park. For some of us it was the first visit in this part of Macedonia. Breathtaking landscapes, excellent weather, everything […]

Training course “Peers for diversity”

In the period of 19- 25 of March 2018 in Arad, Romania 21 youth workers went on a Thematic Awareness Training course titled #PeersforDiversity. The topic was on anti-discrimination. I (Kristina Mitrovska) along with Maja Ristevska had the honor to be representatives on behalf of the Volunteers Center […]

Diversity of Belgium

What comes to mind when you think about Belgium? Do you think about fries, waffles, beers and chocolate? Or maybe you would think about Brussels, its various institutions and its Manneken Pis? Well, you wouldn’t be wrong, anyone who tried a proper mitraillette in Brussels, a warm waffle […]


Tanks, war and danger zone – how Kosovo is nothing of that kind. Kosovo, the forbidden land, surrounded by mystery and prejudice that hang in the air. The land that according to what they say, once you cross the borders you may never go back. The land of […]

Athens – The city of graffiti

Late November night, you can almost feel cold coming. Lucky me, I’m packing my stuff to be gone again. This time I’m heading south where hopefully it is still warm. Another open chapter is about to be filled with new names and faces. You cannot escape from yourself […]


Think of a country where you can vote and do your taxes online. Where children learn to code from the young age of seven. Welcome to Estonia. General Estonia is a small Baltic country in Northern part of Europe. It’s a small country with only 1.3 million people […]


It is known that Macedonia abounds with a number of natural beauties. Among them is the complex of caves “Vrelo” located near Skopje in the canyon Matka. The only way to get to this location is by organizing a boat tour while enjoying the beauties of the lake […]