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Human-like robots are more and more sophisticated 

Humanoid robots have long been sci-fi characters, but they are perfecting every day. Engineered Arts, a UK-based designer, and manufacturer of such robots, recently showed off one of its most life-like creations with its last bot Ameca, which can display what appears to be the most human-like facial expressions by a robot to date.

Kawah Ijen, into the lungs of hell

“I am not prepared just now to say to what extent I believe in a physical hell in the next world, but a sulfur mine is about the nearest thing to hell that I expect to see in this life.” – Booker T. Washington Indonesia is located on the Ring of Fire, the most seismically […]

How people killed a Sea. The history of eco-disaster in central Asia.

Sound of water and pleasant feel of the wind on the skin. Lots of boats were coming back from fishing. The fish smell was saturating everything in the harbour. People were busy transporting cargo to local canneries. Some people were sunbathing on the beach. It might look like that in the late 1960s in Aralsk […]

Shein – Fast fashion at its worst 

“Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying.” – Lucy Siegle  It’s a widespread fact that fast fashion is problematic. Poor quality of the clothes, severe work conditions in the producing countries and the promotion of excessive consumption through unbelievable low prices. But what if the fastest growing fashion brand in the Western World is […]

What’s the deal with football? – Trying to understand global phenomena 

I am not a football fan, and I have never been. But one of my clearest childhood memories is the World Cup half-final from 2014. Do you remember? The German National Team defeated Brazil in its very own country with 7:1 in front of the world’s eyes. The fact that the simple number “7:1” still […]

The pearl of the Balkans – in the footsteps of Brutalism in Skopje!

In terms of architecture, Skopje is one of the most unusual cities in Europe, and maybe even in the world. It is said that this city has more brutalist architecture per square kilometer than any other city in the world. I invite you to take a short trip around Skopje, in the footsteps of Brutalism, […]

Egypt’s pharaonic new capital city

“Cairo is in a state of becoming…We just don’t know what it’s becoming yet.” — Daniel Joseph Monti, Michael Ian Borer, Lyn C. Macgregor In 2020, Egypt’s population officially hit 100 million people. Most Egyptians are crammed into the banks of the Nile River. Cairo’s capital city has proliferated over the last few decades: it […]

A German in disguise

Macedonia against Germany – for many people that’s just another football game, for Macedonia, since the 31st of March 2021, it is part of their sports history. Half a year later, both teams were entering the ring again, this time in Skopje, and for me it was the perfect occasion to see the German national […]

Let’s heal the world with colors!  

Three years ago a teacher from Macedonia came up with an idea. He was teaching German in Vienna when a primary school student was looking out the window at the grey school walls. “Why don’t we make them more colorful”, he suggested? That’s how Gerasim Dimitrov started the art project “Let’s heal the world with colors.” He started in Vienna in 2019 and eventually implemented the project in his home country Macedonia. The first group to support his idea was the “German Teacher […]

On His Majesty’s Secret Service

Aston Martin passes the streets of picturesque Italy. The girl asks the driver to speed up, to which the driver replies: “We don’t need to go faster. We have all the time in the world.” This is how “No Time to Die”, the newest Bond begins, although so far in every other movie, he was […]

Witches – from fairytales to becoming one

When we think of a witch, the first thing to pop up in our heads is an old, green-skinned hag riding a broom in the night sky, with a black cat next to her. Or rather, that’s what the media made us think of witches. But how do they look like then?