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Love in the back pocket

BASED ON TRUE STORY They met outside that cold and frosty morning, just to get some official things done. Long lasting warm hug for a welcome… Her hair over his face… Her scent of a Wild Rose… More than official… They walk along together with a perfectly synchronized steps…gliding, like not touching the ground. She […]


I missed you today…
Went all over my stupid head
So empty, dark…cobweb space,
I couldn`t find a single trace.

Yeah..! I missed you so bad!
Today…Tomorrow as well,
Life-long, every single day,
An image-blurry,
Almost forgotten face

” Wind “

Is there anybody could tell
Where the wind comes from.
Getting quickly among the trees
Turning up the back side
Of the trembling leaves


Come to me

I greet you!
With high hope and trust
I meet you
With love for your number
And with concern for what
may (not) come

The Ballad of Jayne

“She was like that… she would send you pictures you took togetherso that her smile could haunt you from your photo album she would put on a thick layer of red hot lipstickevery 20 minutes so that you wouldn’t even dare to kiss her she would leave pencil-written messages in the poetry books you’d lend […]