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Generation gap

Have you ever heard somebody say back in the day, when grass was greener and life was more simple. Well the reason behind that could be generation gap. Generation gap is differences in values, actions, opinions, morals etc. between two or more generations. Throughout all history there has […]


Superstitions are beliefs about certain things that happen that result in good or bad omens. Most countries have their own superstitious beliefs I this big and multicultural world we live in, there are certain things people do which make cultures have differences, and also a lot of similarities. […]

ACAB or not?

The force, institution of public trust or corrupted armed group under politicians’ control? Coppers, dogs, donut squad, cunt stubble, fizlove – called many names, often insulted: the Police. ­ I always wondered about the duality of policeman’s image. Kids idealize them, look up to the righteous knights of […]

Cartoons in the 90s

The 1990s was notable for a lot of things, but one thing not many people really think about is the types of cartoons and the impact these cartoons this decade brought with it. It’s Saturday morning. No school today, but somehow we’re able to wake up early to […]

Body of Passion

Between sharp technique and passion, pain and sweetness, rehearsals and performance… Ballet dance is indeed one of the most paradoxical and fascinating discipline. In appearances, during a ballet at the opera, we only see beautiful dancers in bright tutu (the dance costume for girls), turning and flying on […]

An open letter to drugs

Dear Drugs, It has been a while since our last exchanges. It is rather obvious that for the past decades our relationship was quite tumultuous, to say the least. I could argue for hours and hours about the intricacies, causes and effects of my current behavior towards you. […]

Air pollution in Macedonia

                    When I started my European Voluntary Service in Macedonia I had high hopes for what I would see and experience. I thought I will be in a country that’s rather different from Estonia. I was particularly excited about […]

Frozen colossus

Icebergs, dancing prima ballerinas, arks and submarines, the architecture of the city is so much more than expected. Darkness, supple figures emerge from the obscurity, the play of lights and shadows begins, spotlights follow the motion of dancers and the building joins them in the act. Ballet is […]

VOICES Team in “Nezavisen”

We continued our journalistic journey by visiting  the editorial office of newspaper  “Nezavisen”(Independent ). Following our little trip to TV Alpha this time we got an insight of daily work in newspaper. Voices crew had an opportunity to observe the work of professionals; we met the director, editor, proof-reader, […]