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Transhumanism is on its way with Neuralink

Neuralink is a startup founded in 2016 by Elon Musk working on brain-machine interfaces, which can be defined as a direct liaison brain-computer enabling paralyzed people to perform daily life tasks without moving muscles and peripheral nerves. Next year, this dream may come true as its creator announced Neuralink would start implanting its brain chips […]

500°C and acid rain – can there be life on Venus?

Venus, milliards of years ago, probably had similar conditions like Earth and there was water. However, over time, the water evaporated into the atmosphere and the greenhouse effect intensified, and the planet became wildly hot and acidic. It revolves around the sun a bit closer than Earth, and it has a dense atmosphere which consists […]

Water is an alien

Something you face every day by washing, drinking, cooking. 60% of your body is made of it. You can swim inside of it and walk on top of it. It steams in the air and comes back to the ground as a liquid. Think about it for a minute – water is really weird. It […]

Admit it – you are a fish!

Did you know that our true ancestor is an amphibian? What amphibian you may ask? Well, it is the Diplocaulus. Of course, it predates the dinosaurs and is thought to be their ancestor even closer than birds. It is thought to be the ancestor of 63% of modern life on Earth. Crazy, right? Wrong. It […]

“Change the world and help humanity” – Elon Musk

Space, the final frontier. Last month there was a historical event, the first human orbital spaceflight launched by a private company. Exciting moments as NASA and SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule with two U.S. astronauts, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, in a history-making flight to the International Space Station. On Saturday […]

The first blood transfusion

As we all know, blood is the vital and essential component that keeps us alive. The role that it has in our organism is far but simple, it provides us with the indispensable nutrients and oxygen and has many other crucial functions that are key to our existence. I believe that all of you are […]

The future of gene editing

We all well know that us humans have been kind of doing gene editing for decades already. Or purposeful breeding if being more accurate. We have managed to create different dog breads by selective breeding for different purposes, some of them are really useful for helping us in various tasks and others, well…they are cute. […]

Theory of Everything

Quantum mechanics and general relativity: you have probably already heard about this. It sounds complicated and dedicated to an elite of gifted scientists. Actually, far from all these considerations, these concepts are approachable and chiefly fascinating! So, let’s start our journey from the infinitely small to the infinitely big (and mutually!). Did you say quantum […]

Science Corner

Use of cannabis as a teenager is associated with poorer memory and reasoning Patricia Conrad from Montreal University was leading a study about the effects of cannabis for teenagers. In puberty, those areas in brain that are most exposed to the effects of cannabis are still developing, it’s effecting to the memory and ability to […]

The magnificent space

We all know it’s there but what is happening there? First picture of a black hole 10.04.2019 was a historical day for scientist all over the world, and for the humankind. In the heart of the Messier 87 galaxy, 55 million light-years away there is super massive black hole with mass of 6.5 billion sun. […]