Our homes have become more familiar to us in these past months than ever. This year the summer was about discovering your neighborhood and traveling through the country you are living in. One can’t say it has been easy but it has brought us beautiful things to our lives after all. This has been the […]

Sometimes we search for the beauty and happiness far away, but most of the time it is right in front of us. To see it, we have to look and dive within and around. This is what I realized not being able to travel outside of our own country for the past months. The beauty […]

Diçka me të cilën përballemi çdo ditë kur lajmë, pijmë, gatuajmë. 60% e trupit tonë përbëhet po nga e njejta. Mund të notosh në të e të ecësh mbi të. Avullohet në ajër dhe sërish kthehet në tokë si lëng. Mendojeni për një moment këtë- uji është me të vërtetë i çuditshëm. Mund ta gjesh […]

Нешто со кое се соочувате секојдневно при миење, пиење и готвење. Шеесет проценти од телото ви е составено од тоа. Можете да пливате во неа и да одите над неа. Во воздухот испарува, а на земјата се враќа како течност. Замислете се за момент – водата е навистина чудна. Ја има насекаде – и во […]

Something you face every day by washing, drinking, cooking. 60% of your body is made of it. You can swim inside of it and walk on top of it. It steams in the air and comes back to the ground as a liquid. Think about it for a minute – water is really weird. It […]

In the most beautiful environment, everything light blue, sun shining, happy children running around, people laying under shadows avoiding the burning sun, taking cooling breaks in the sparkling, crystal clear water. Only astounding nature wherever your eyes can see. Our small friend group went on a weekend trip to lake Prespa. Because of the unusual […]

On June 2016 three guys in their twenties gathered to their first rehearsal and so was born Fiction – Macedonian modern rock band, acoustic trio between three friends. The guys are sitting side by side, discussing on Macedonian their point of view to the upcoming interview. We are sitting in Beertija Pub with rain banging […]

Skopje Light Art District was arranged again for the third time on 19 – 22 of August in Skopje, Macedonia. An event which is uniting art, technology and science, past, present and future, city and nature by using the language of light. This year the cultural events have been on a break because of the […]

Imagine something really precious for you and yours – say, a ring or a painting that has been in your family for generations, a statue from the church you frequent that has been there since the foundation of your town. Imagine it got stolen and resold, maybe online. You wouldn’t like it, right? Wouldn’t you […]

In the aftermath of my studies abroad and the frame of my current deployment in Skopje, I recently wondered what are the implications of defining someone either as an expatriate or an immigrant, why there are these two options with unclear boundaries for seemingly similar realities. First, it should be recalled neither the polysemic word […]

Second-hand buying culture is flourishing in Finland, especially in summer, when you can just grab a blanket, go to a park and place your soon to be sold clothes and items on that, and just enjoy a beautiful day and other people’s company while getting rid of your stuff you no longer need. Second-hand buying […]

Сакаа да докажат и да покажат оти и тие – младите кавадарчани имаат моќ да ја променат околината кон подобро. И успеаја. Барем за почеток. И не планираат да сопрат тука. Десетици ентузијасти и вљубеници во природата, предводени од нашата Марија Ристова решија да го разубават Тиквешкото езеро. Во неделата почнаа со чистење, а планираат […]