May; the month of freedom and gratitude  Freedom is a term usually used to describe the feeling where a person doesn’t feel attached to any responsibilities or priorities and is free to live as he wishes.  Nowadays, many people consider freedom a utopia because they find it impossible to be liberated from their life roles […]

Witches, demons and ancient gods… Folk horror feeds on the oldest popular myths and legends of our history, sources of fascination and deep fear buried in each of us. Imbued with enchantment and occultism forgotten in our modern society, lose yourself on a short journey into the heart of the folk horror mysteries. Before we […]

“Музиката ја измива прашината на секојдневието од душата” — Берголд Авербах Музиката е секаде околу нас, таа е комбинација на вокални и инструментални звуци и форма на емоционално изразување. Доживеала многу промени со развојот на светот и токму затоа некои видови на музика и музичари остануваат заборавени во времето во кое се создале. Во нашите […]

“The music washes away the dust of the every day from the soul.” — Bergold Averbach         Music is all around us. It is a combination of vocal and instrumental sounds and a form of emotional expression. It has undergone many changes with the development of the world. That is why some types […]

Have you ever imagined seeing a blind person in a football stadium with the same passion for the game and the team as the other fans? If not, let me tell you that this happens and shows how amazing is this sport outside of the four lines. These fans have something that there aren’t words […]

Which news is read the most? Without any doubt, those are the ones that are related to deaths, tragic events, money, or gossip. But does that news affect us as citizens? An enormous amount of them is pure entertainment. We’ll read them, share them, and comment on them with our friends, and in a few […]

I’ve always been fascinated by the problems of urban areas. Damaged buildings, squatting people in empty corners where even police are afraid to check. Additionally, loads of socio-economic issues the municipality cannot handle alone. My former field of study is recreating these spaces and making them more livable. I feel like it is engrained in […]

We can safely say that stories accompany us always and everywhere. The pleasant voice of loved ones reading has a soothing effect on us when we are children. Later, when we grow up, the impact of stories increases even more: a well-chosen story enriches our experience and imagination, expands our vocabulary, shows other thought patterns, […]

Për shumë vite, njerëzimit i është dashur të punojë si grup për të arritur qëllime të përbashkëta. Që nga fillimi, na është dashur të bashkëpunojmë me njëri-tjetrin për të mbijetuar, për të gjuajtur për ushqim, për të ndezur zjarr dhe për të mësuar nga njëri-tjetri. Çelësi i evolucionit njerëzor ka qenë gjithmonë bashkëpunimi. Megjithatë, me […]

For many years, humanity has had to work as a group to achieve common goals. Since the beginning of time, we have had to cooperate to survive, hunt for food, make fire, and learn from each other. The key to human evolution has always been cooperation. In a society where one is judged by his social and […]

Ти си дете, невино, животот си тера. Еден ден имаш страшно искуство, толку лошо што совеста те потсетува на тоа од ден на ден. Мислиш дека се ќе биде во ред, но има нешто што те потсетува дека нема. Кошмари. Ништо нема да оди добро. Сакаш да плачеш, секоја вечер се будиш со напад на […]

You are a child, innocent, and life goes on. One day you have a terrible experience, so bad that it’s been recalled by your conscience day by day. You think that everything will be fine, but there is something that reminds you that no. Nightmares. Nothing will go well. You want to cry and every […]