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Naked Truths

I woke up and realized that’s all I wanted. To wake up next to you every single day. I could swear you’ve read my mind. You did not even wait…

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The science of love 

If you have experienced love, you know its power. The confusing emotion has been given credit for million-dollar industries, songs, movies, and even rises and falls of whole empires. But…

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Look, It’s sparking  sparking like a kids’ videogame display, like a sunray reflection through your window in May, like your soul that got hugged that day, like a free bird…

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Подалеку од гравитацијата

Авијацијата засекогаш го промени начинот на кој патуваме и се поврзуваме со светот. Од комерцијални авиони до приватни и борбени авиони, способноста да се допира небото стана рутински дел од…

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