How time is flying! We are already in the new year of 2022. Technically speaking, it’s not one year that changes, but one day. Yet we like to use this new number as an occasion to work on ourselves: Should I go to the gym more often? This year I will eat healthily and spend […]

For the second time, the contest was won by Armenia. According to many Eurovision Contest commentators, this edition was one of the strongest ever. Many countries climbed to the heights of musical ability and sent representatives who represented their countries with dignity. This edition was also special because, after a year’s break, everyone could once […]

The United Nations has recently approved a project called “Oceanix City”, which develops a floating city for the seas off Busan in South Korea to pioneer a new mode of living amid sea-level rises. Let’s give an overview. On 18th November of this year, the city government of Busan signed an agreement with Oceanix, a […]

“Preventing the conflicts of tomorrow means changing the mindset of youth today.”- Graça Machel While most of us are familiar with the concept of radicalization, it is often difficult to define it. We also narrow down its meaning to a specific group, e.g., terrorist or religious groups, which does not reflect the phenomenon’s complexity. What […]

Pajamas, pyjamas, PJs, night suits – whatever we call them, pajamas are part of our everyday wear. Pajamas have been beloved by all for centuries. In winter, fuzzy socks and fluffy pajamas are the perfect outfit to enjoy cozying for a good night’s sleep or for those who like spending their day lounging around the […]

Васко Ташковски е еден од водечките претставници на надреализмот, фантастичното сликарство, еколошките и космичките теми во македонската ликовна уметност, а според мене и многу други, еден од најдобрите и најимагинативните уметници во целиот свет! Веќе еден месец, во Даут-пашин амам изложени се негови слики, акварели и цртежи од сите негови творечки фази. Роден во 1937та, […]

I am not a football fan, and I have never been. But one of my clearest childhood memories is the World Cup half-final from 2014. Do you remember? The German National Team defeated Brazil in its very own country with 7:1 in front of the world’s eyes. The fact that the simple number “7:1” still […]

The term “metaverse” was coined and described for the first time in 1992 by Neal Stephenson, an American sci-fi writer, in his novel “Snow Crash.” Decades later, this concept has been translated into reality, so much so that it applies to different applications such as video games, musical events, or professional meetings. How is the state of […]

Nëse pasqyra do të tregonte se çfarë është brenda jush, a do të ishit ende të bukur? Në kohën e mediave sociale, njerëzit fillojnë të fokusohen në pamjen e tyre. Blini grimin që do të mbulojë rrathët poshtë syve, vendosni një filter në çdo foto dhe vishni rrobat më të shtrenjta dhe me stil. Të […]

If the mirror would show what is inside of you, would you still be beautiful?  In times of social media, people start focusing on their appearance. Buy the makeup that will cover the circumorbital rings, put a filter on every picture and wear the most expensive and stylish clothes. The same things you do and […]

“Јас не сум следниот Усеин Болт или Мајкл Фелпс…Јас сум првата Симон Бајлс” – Симон Бајлс Не може да се зборува за гимнастиката без да се спомне Симон Бајлс. На само 24 години, оваа млада жена веќе има создадено историја. Позната по нејзините гимнастички вештини и гравитациските перформанси, оваа афро-американска девојка го доминира светот на […]