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She is (not) lost

Travelling alone can be tricky, especially when you are a girl. I am not the most experienced traveller. Moreover, I am scared of everything; ironically, always, SOMETHING happens during my…

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Digitime in Sweden

December 2022 in Varberg, Sweden. Participants coming from eight countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Türkiye, Portugal, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, and Sweden) had the chance to learn and share skills and knowledge about…

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There are some things we all do in our daily lives.  We breathe, we eat, we experience emotions – and we care about others. Helping others, our friends, our neighbours…

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Под гандиското сонце

„Ми треба нешто ново! – Се најдов себеси да си го кажам ова уште еднаш додека разгледував низ бескрајните отворени повици за волонтирање. Се брзав да аплицирам за нов проект…

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Under the Gandian sun

“I need something new!” – I found myself saying this once again as I scrolled through the endless open calls. I was in a rush to apply for a new…

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Designs that inspire people

With the rise of digitalization, the opportunities incline to access information and education from all parts of the world. This opens new horizons of learning skills online and created famously…

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