Toxic Positivity aka Positive Vibes Only

Toxic positivity is promoting the ideal or goal that, no matter the circumstances, one should always and only maintain a positive, happy or optimistic mindset.”

Why are you sad? Your thoughts, problems, sickness, everything is in your head- if you changed your thinking, you could be happy. #PositiveVibesOnly 

Hiding negative feelings and trying to ignore all problems and negative emotions can be dangerous. In particular, it can lead to chronic optimism for people with a difficult childhood and youth. Every issue is just smiled away. Sometimes it can extremize into unhealthy behavior and change into a reality escape. Escaping the reality of being happy all the time can result in not knowing how to deal with pain, how to build connections with people, and how to develop yourself. 

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“Positivity- a state of mind that everybody wants to achieve. “The practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude,” as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary book.” Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring bad experiences and difficulties. While trying to live positively, it’s essential to acknowledge problems, learn from them, and use the new knowledge to improve yourself and grow. “Natalie Hendry from RMIT University’s School of Media and Communication says social media is a breeding ground for toxic positivity because the face-tuned picture-perfect lives can leave us feeling like we have to be happy — all the time.” Many people are aware of the lack of reality in social media. Often the selection of the pictures or videos posted is not honest. However, no influencer or social media user can forcefully show their panic attacks instead of a new happy dance video. However, it becomes toxic when one-sided ideas and attitudes convey that the only way to live life is to be satisfied. 

“The law of attraction”- a new thought in the early 19th century- “is a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes.” The law of attraction helps you to focus and create your reality. To work on your optimism, try to be grateful, learn how to identify negative thinking, and visualize your goals. Many people claim that you could change the physical reality with happy thoughts. Unfortunately, you cannot heal your depression or cancer with a smile. Also, wealth and success won’t come to you just because you wish for it. With this train of thought, people in crisis, with money problems, or unhappy people are condemned because they would be to blame for their problems. They would be to blame for their unhappiness if they did not have the right thoughts or attitudes.

You cannot always be happy; bad things happen everywhere and to everyone. People break your heart, your dog dies, innocent human beings are murdered, or someone you love gets sick. But in these cases, you cannot look at the bright sight of life or be told that you should smile and be happy. You have to stand up, fight and make a change.

“No one wants to wake up from a good dream.

 It’s the nightmares that make us want to wake up, to make a change.

The good dreams make us want to stay in bed.

 The nightmares motivate us.”

– Eldad Ben-Moshe

Annik Fasold

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