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  • The power of story

    The power of story

    VOICES talked to Iskra Dimkovska, editor of the publishing house Skaznuvalka, to learn more about the power of stories and the new books that will be published in May.

  • Rap Music – Old is Gold

    Rap Music – Old is Gold

    Petar, a young enthusiast of rap music, share his passion for this music genre and how is the situation with rap music in Macedonia.

  • Calisthenics. What?!

    Calisthenics. What?!

    The word calisthenics comes from the Greek words kallos (beauty) and sthenos (strength). Beautiful strength. We asked Ferran Mortés McLellan what exactly does beautiful strength or calisthenics means. Ferran is part of the “Viking Method” group that gathers teenagers aged 16-20 who do calisthenics workouts every Sunday together. Consistent, passionate and ready to help. He…

  • Diwali – India’s Festival of Lights

    Diwali – India’s Festival of Lights

    The Indian Festival of Lights – Diwali in Hindi – is one of the biggest celebrations worldwide. This year, Diwali took place at the beginning of November. We had the chance to interview Khevna Bhatt from India to know more about this majestic celebration.

  • Life in an Eco Village

    Life in an Eco Village

    Dimce Ackov spent his last five years living in nature in a house he built himself. We visited his eco-village to talk about sustainability, his connection to nature, and his life far away from civilization.

  • Let’s talk architecture..!

    Let’s talk architecture..!

    We interviewed this week a brilliant student from the Saints Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, called Maca Marinkovic. She provided us with some details about her passion, that is architecture, talking about her different fields of study, her expectations as well as the history of architecture in Skopje and the different styles that compose…

  • TikTok as a tool for artistic expression

    TikTok as a tool for artistic expression

    Tik Tok – an application that is used by many people can actually change the lives of not only recipients but also the creators of content. We talked with Leo about his way from acting school, discovering himself, to being a creator on TikTok.

  • Sexual education with Darko Milosevski

    Sexual education with Darko Milosevski

    Sexual education helps to understand the sexual image, openness, relationships, and connection with other people. We talked with Darko Milosevski, who is a sexual educator and shares his work experience in that area.

  • From volunteer to a tourist guide – how to work during the pandemic

    From volunteer to a tourist guide – how to work during the pandemic

    Tourism has stopped during the pandemic, but that did not stop people from finding other solutions. We talked with David Trajkovski – a tourist guide in Skopje who shares what activities he has done during this time.

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