VOICES Summer Edition 2017…

Summer…July and August are always the hottest months of the year…The weather forecast says that we will experience tropical heat in the days to follow…What to do? VOICES team have the perfect solution for you…Seat in the shadow, put your air conditioner or ventilator on, put the VOICES magazine in your hand and start traveling…The first destination should be “Siberia” to take some cold wind from there, continue to “Istanbul”…From there you can take a peak of “Ohrid” and “Change your life”. Afterwards, you can have a “creative talk with Edi Muka” while you are seating in the “St. Naum’s monastery”. You can stretch by using the “Slavic Yoga” and continue to “Follow your dream”, while watching “Ice Hockey”. If you are bored a bit by local things, you can always go more international by taking part in “TC in Podgorica” or even a “YE in Brajchino” during the “Midsummer”. Travel in your mind to “Poland” and learn about “Paratisima”… In order to conclude the summer in the best possible way….VOICES Summer Edition 2017!

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