A Quest on Activation through Youth Engagement


Between the 20th and 28th of June, 5 young people from Macedonia embarked on what was soon to be the best week of their summer experience. Youth mobility is one of the best opportunities for young people to participate in and in its core, it is a basket of diversity and the modern-day definition of a cultural melting pot.


Think of it as a recipe of your favorite food and you get to experience a taste of all the beautiful things in Europe in one spot – that’s mobility for you. We went off to sunny Bulgaria and got to spend 8 amazing days  with people from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Germany and Spain on a project with title “ACTIVate YOUrself” when we can of self-discovery and learning how to activate ourselves in society .We learned about what governments do to activate us in our societies and how they ensure young people’s activate participation in today’s era.


Through storytelling and experience we were able to share our ideas on how to make a better and more inclusive Europe that has an open seat for all. As the young people of today we worked on solving the problems that young people in the future shouldn’t have to deal with – a requiem of the past, present and future; we looked back at history and saw the present, only to think of what our future could be and should be.


Youth exchanges are the gateway to activate citizenship through which we lay the bricks to a future where young people know how to use their voice and project themselves to other peers. I was a person who was touched by the beauty of thisonce upon a time and here I am now, making my own impact on the world by activating others.

Author :  Stefan Petrovski

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