Scout Youth Exchange Macedonia – Belgium


It all started on July 20th, when full bus of Belgium scouts reached Struga with big bags and the energy for the whole 5 days of our project. We were introduced to friendly scout leaders and the rest 10 people in the group. Both Belgium and Macedonian participants joined in for one bounce, kicking the ball and then continuing with “getting-to-know” games.

Later on we had the challenge to climb Jablanica mountain. It was heave on all of us, but after 7 hours of hike we rewarded ourselves with the evening in kafana.


20269818_1563024440420838_620343609_nAnother of our activities involved helping the community of Ezerski Lozja, in Struga, by cleaning the beach. And since we’re tough, not afraid of a little bit of sun, after working in the lake we split into 5 mixed teams for a Treasure Hunt. All the teams got to discover Struga’s city better by taking pictures with monument and important buildings, also talking with local people. Belgium’s tried their Macedonian language skills during this challenge. We finished the evening making traditional Belgium food.


Before our friends from abroad left, we went on a trip to Ohrid, guiding them through mazes of the city. Belgium scout boys wanted to jump from the cliff in Ohrid lake but realized that they have to be safe and sound for Macedonian evening later, so they backed out from the idea.

20427619_1563024503754165_616916731_nThe ending of the project was marked with live traditional Macedonian music, local scouts and leaders showed some traditional dance moves, girls and boys from belgium joined. We talked about beautiful places in Macedonia, ate ajvar , drink bunarche. The cherry on the cake was bonfire that our scouts made with their skills. We had a chilling evening enjoying each other’s company, having deep and honest conversations about the project.

Laura Babityte & Chris Maiken


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