We continue with new beginnings #TEHV

Volunteers Centre Skopje as part of its work focused on humanitarian activities and already increased and advanced capacities through the project “Towards effective humanitarian volunteering” looks forward to the European Union’s new Erasmus + program, and in particular the European Solidarity Corps. It is taking big steps towards the new challenges and the future volunteers who will be part of Volunteers Centre Skopje through the various branches of the European Solidarity Corps.

The European Commission on April 15, 2021 announced the new program of the “European Solidarity Corps” for 2021-2027 and issued the new guide of the ESC for 2021 which explains the goals, priorities and important features of the program and specifies the guidelines for certification of the organizations involved in it. The activities of the European Solidarity Corps support the objectives of the “EU Youth Strategy” for 2019-2027 which encourages young people to become active citizens, agents of solidarity and positive change for communities across Europe, inspired by EU values and a European identity. This program also includes support for volunteering in solidarity activities related to humanitarian aid with the special action “Humanitarian Aid Volunteering” which is a continuation of the program “EU Aid Volunteers”. Given the significant increase in global humanitarian needs and in order to enhance solidarity and the need for humanitarian assistance among the citizens of the Union, there is a need to develop solidarity between Member States and with third countries affected by natural and man-made disasters. Helping people and communities outside the Union who need humanitarian assistance is based on the basic principles of solidarity, neutrality, humanity, independence and impartiality. “Humanitarian Aid Volunteering” offers the opportunity to young people aged 18 to 35 to participate in volunteer activities, in order to support humanitarian aid operations. These activities will enable volunteers to perform the tasks needed to support the activities undertaken by their host organization. Participation in this program requires a special certificate “Quality Label” issued by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency of the European Union (EACEA) based in Brussels. The quality certificate confirms that the organization is able to implement high quality solidarity activities in accordance with the principles, goals and requirements of the action “European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps”. Obtaining this quality certificate is a prerequisite for participating in volunteer activities to support humanitarian aid operations. Once awarded the quality certificate, the organizations gain access to the European Solidarity Corps Portal where they are invited to offer their activities. Organizations can use the European Solidarity Corps Portal database to search for potential partners and participants. The information in the database is published as formulated in the quality certificate form.

Volunteers Centre Skopje as part of the TEHV project is getting involved in the new programs and under the mentorship and training of the organizations ADRA Slovakia and ADICE from France continues to strengthen its capacity and gain new knowledge that will be implemented and used for more successful management of the volunteer process as a host organization.

With this project VCS continues its active participation in humanitarian actions and projects wherever there is a need and through practical actions, but also through training and coaching increases the awareness of humanism of young people and all those who have a desire to volunteer and help.

Josip Gegaj
Andrej Naumovski

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