Welcome Jules, the new volunteer from France!

Здраво! My name is Jules Striffler. I come from Alsace, a border area in France neighboring Germany and Switzerland. I studied first a Bachelor in Languages & Interculturality. Then, I decided to go for European Studies with the Erasmus Mundus joint Master of Arts in Euroculture. So far, I have been studying or working in Strasbourg, Sydney, Göttingen (Germany), and Sarajevo. I would describe myself as curious, persistent, and careful about the wellbeing of people around me.

All along my path, I have always been firmly motivated to strive for meaningful purposes. So being part of Volunteers Centre Skopje definitely makes sense to me. I am very happy to get started with my European Solidarity Corps experience in downtown Skopje.

Being in the Balkans once again is very insightful and stimulating, as I am fascinated by this region. This explains why I decided to work at the French Institute of Sarajevo a few years ago and to deal with Balkanic issues for my two major academic research assignments.

Jules Striffler

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