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Rise & Fall in Breakdancing

People are gathered together, highly anticipating what’s to come. The MC announces the next dancers to step up. Adrenaline fills the hearts of the bboys and the show begins. Breakdance is a street dance style that is an element of the hip hop movement that started among African […]

Language Cafe Vol. 4 – Oct 10th

People from different nationalities and countries participate in the latest edition of our Language Café. It is an event created by VCS where creative people set up tables with their flags and people are welcome to sit with them and learn about their countries. For me it was […]

South Africa

Johannesburg & Cape Town The Republic of South Africa, or as the locals like to call it in slang, “Mzansi”, can be a truly amazing place – if you are in the right places of course! Like every country, it has its good and its bad, but I […]

Industrial style at our homes

Over the last few years industrial style furniture has taken over the world with its authenticity, minimalism and trendy design. Bars, restaurants and shops love it and use it much more often lately especially because of its simple yet stylish appearance that attracts customers. But when it comes […]

Illusion of objectivity

It comes from the kind of silly stories like Italian secret pasta gardens; when people thought they can now grow their own pasta on the trees or Masked Marauders; a band, supposedly consisting out of Mick Jagger, Bob Dilan, John Lennon and Paul McCarthy that actually never existed […]

My plan “B”

When you speak with Macedonian people about Macedonia, they say: “We can go abroad for work, but after ashort time we are back to our homeland, because this place is the best in the world and our family is here”. After this conversation I start to think about […]

Pink soup?

I don‘t know how many of you tried it or even hear about it, but those who didn‘t are missing out. Ok, I know that everything comes up to the taste and you cannot really argue about that, because eveone likes different things, but in Lithuania we are […]