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Old Macedonian hits – a forgotten musical treasure 

“The music washes away the dust of the every day from the soul.” — Bergold Averbach         Music is all around us. It is a combination of vocal and instrumental sounds and a form of emotional expression. It has undergone many changes with the development of the world. That is why some types […]

The King of Music

The music industry has a lot of people with success, but many don’t know what happens backstage, unique in Rap and pop, where you see the singer. Producers are responsible for every music they sign, and when you talk about music producers, the first top-of-mind name is Dr. Dre. Besides the music production, Dre is […]

\(Don’t) EXIT

The EXIT music festival happens every year in the city of Novi Sad on the first weekend of July for three days. This year, you can expect notable names in the music industry like Boris Brejcha and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, the biggest music festival in Serbia and one of the biggest in […]

The music industry has a name, and its Taylor Swift

More than 15 years of musical activity, but not only that: staying on top for several years. Despite many adversities, critics, and actions aimed at pushing her from the top, she continues to create, convincing more and more people to listen to her music. Why is Taylor Swift a phenomenon? At 14, she signed a […]

Behind the scenes of the video game music industry

The wind is howling. You can hear footsteps in the distance — some knocking and moans of monsters. The general mood suggests that something will happen very soon. Then a wolf’s howl and some indistinct whispers. A chainsaw sound. Is it outside, or is my mind fooling me? I felt uncomfortable and opened my eyes […]

More technology, less money

It is hard to imagine artists creating music without publishing it on streaming services. For listeners, it is a great convenience: without leaving home, buying a new album, they can listen to their favourite artists with one click. Unfortunately, not everything seems so easy, because as it turns out, musicians do not earn more on […]

Eurovision Junior 2021 makes history!

For the second time, the contest was won by Armenia. According to many Eurovision Contest commentators, this edition was one of the strongest ever. Many countries climbed to the heights of musical ability and sent representatives who represented their countries with dignity. This edition was also special because, after a year’s break, everyone could once […]

Why can’t you stop listening to pop music?

The name itself, indicating that pop music is most often listened to, does not doubt the audience. It is popular because many people reach for it. What makes us choose this music genre most frequently, even if we don’t want to?

A musical step to save the planet

Not only limiting plastic during concerts, setting up own foundations, promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle, or writing songs. Musicians are taking another step to fight climate change. Recurring concerts and new album premieres show new ways of dealing with the crisis. Pixabay Writing songs whose main idea is to draw attention to the situation on our […]

The King of Pop

Have you ever heard of a Swedish guy named Max Martin? No? Well, he is only the most successful and influential pop music producer of the past 25 years. Let’s get introduced to the King of Pop in disguise. We all know this moment when a casual garden party turns into a time travel through […]

The man standing behind the Bleachers

Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jensen, and St. Vincent. They are united not only by their enormous popularity in the music industry but also by something that connects them. Or rather – someone. Jack Antonoff. Currently one of the most talented music producers but still not as popular as he deserves. Although […]