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A musical step to save the planet

Not only limiting plastic during concerts, setting up own foundations, promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle, or writing songs. Musicians are taking another step to fight climate change. Recurring concerts and new album premieres show new ways of dealing with the crisis. Pixabay Writing songs whose main idea is to draw attention to the situation on our […]

The King of Pop

Have you ever heard of a Swedish guy named Max Martin? No? Well, he is only the most successful and influential pop music producer of the past 25 years. Let’s get introduced to the King of Pop in disguise. We all know this moment when a casual garden party turns into a time travel through […]

The man standing behind the Bleachers

Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jensen, and St. Vincent. They are united not only by their enormous popularity in the music industry but also by something that connects them. Or rather – someone. Jack Antonoff. Currently one of the most talented music producers but still not as popular as he deserves. Although […]

Patience is a Virtue

It’s been four years since she released new music. Fans were getting crazy, coming up with theories, expecting the latest chapter in their life. But the waiting has ended. She’s here, and she’s sexy, playful, feral, and free. Lorde was only 16 when she put her first album, Pure Heroine, into the world. Being a […]

“Somebody has to take a step to be a proper ambassador” – an interview with Vasil Garvanliev

A lot happened during Skopje Pride. One of the highlights of the day was performance of Vasil Garvanliev – the Macedonian Eurovision representative. We’ve asked him about the event, queer music scene in country and his ESC experience.

Live music slowly coming back to life

Spending time without friends, not going out to favorite places, and not enjoying life to the fullest. Not only that, people were missing during the pandemic: playing music live had to stop. After spending a long time within the four walls and listening to performers only on electronic devices, the sun is slowly starting to […]

Music is the universal language of mankind

Live music is finally coming back in Skopje. We used this occasion to talk to seven local artists from Skopje about music. What does it mean to them? How did their passion for music start?

Italy rocking the Eurovision

The musical battlefield this year was a real mosaic. From always playing-it-hard Finns, through an emotional French singer, to peculiar and very funky Icelanders. But it was four young people from Rome, who rocked the Eurovision 2021 song contest, claiming a victory for Italy for the third time in the history. How does it feel […]