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Bakers don’t bake fake cookies

Trust. It’s something we can’t do without, but there seems to be less and less of it. Neighbors, potential acquaintances, teachers and fellow citizens have all grown distant from us. We’re not sure what’s happening in the world around us, but it surely can’t be what the news is telling us. We are the critical […]

About being young, talking with mom and dad, searching out there, and building your future

One of the defining traits of youth is that the amount of life we have yet to live is much greater than the one we have lived so far. Being young is being a subject in the kingdom of the -ing, experiencing, experimenting, maturing; not in the kingdom of the -ed, experienced, experimented, matured. Being […]

The beauty of useless pleasures

Today, April 11, 2020, the song of the South Korean boy group called Block B,  “Toy”, completed the fourth anniversary since its release. It means it has been a little bit more than four years that I have been listening to Korean music. The song, that is part of the album “Blooming Period”, was one […]

Traveling by train and other digressions

Traveling by train is, in my opinion, a way more interesting experience in comparison to selecting the aircraft solution. This is even more accurate for an outbound journey. Here are first a few ideas related to this topic, followed by several thoughts tackling a wider scope. First, I think traveling by train is pleasant as […]

Is volunteering a helping hand for your future?

Can you combine the law faculty with other activities? How? Just do it. Do not think that you don’t have time (I won’t have anyway), that you want to be focused only on your courses (you won’t be all the time), or that you don’t know how to do that and that (you will learn […]

The Power Of Gratitude

Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness (according to Google Dictionary) We can all relate to the feeling of being thankful or grateful for something. Like when you receive a gift that you really like from someone, and your heart opens up and you get a big […]


79 CE, The volcano of Vesuvius erupts, stones and ashes are thrown into the air, raining on the terrified people in the cities of Herculaneum, Stabia and Pompeii. It must have seemed like the wrath of the gods for those who had to suffer in the ashes of the eruption. As Pliny the younger recounts: […]

Quarantine story from Croatia – What has Corona taught me?

Well…not much…It confirmed some of my previous revelations, wrapped up some of my “deep thoughts” conversations with the person in my life that I consider as the most intelligent, raised the awareness of some issues I knew before but I was not ready to accept them as they are… Just briefly: – First of all: […]

Quarantine story: If you took away from me

I wanted to cry like I always do when I grab a paper and a pen. I wanted to just cry until the next day. I wanted to hear more from the people that I’m a loser. I wanted to be negative and toxic like I’m always. I wanted to have someone to hear me […]

Together Stronger

In these days of uncertainty and ordeals, I do think the paradigm “United we stand, divided we fall” is firmly convincing. As an illustration, the solutions impulsed by border-regions decision-makers are tellingly evocative. Baden-Württemberg, through its Minister-President Mr.Kretschmann, followed by two other German Bundesländer (Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate), three Swiss cantons, and Luxembourg, announced its decision […]

Resettling in known territory

Traveling the world and the seven seas is definitely worth it. But then what? Do we belong to a specific place or do we not? Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you would answer that question because some people are regularly or even constantly on the move either for business or personal purposes, or both. Some […]