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Laughter in theatre

It is undeniable that theatre is gifted with a peculiar— and to many — charming, atmosphere. Of the Seven Arts, it might very well be the most startling one. The night is young, the crowd is chattering, the mood is light. Lights are still bright, shining on the […]

Love without borders

Their story might be the script for romantic movie but it’s even better because it’s real. Her name is Lenedge. His name is Jani. She is from Republic of South Africa. He is from Macedonia. Already sounds interesting? Read further… They met for the first time on 29th […]

Frozen colossus

Icebergs, dancing prima ballerinas, arks and submarines, the architecture of the city is so much more than expected. Darkness, supple figures emerge from the obscurity, the play of lights and shadows begins, spotlights follow the motion of dancers and the building joins them in the act. Ballet is […]

Voices February issue 2018

Let’s play sports. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. We hoped for semifinals and the medal, in the end we fell down at the bottom, so most of us do not even know how the European Handball Championship finished in Croatia. That’s how it is in […]

To reach my dream and became a fashion designer

France has always been prestigious in fashion design. Indeed, Paris is famous for its spirit of freedom, boldness and creativity. This contributes to its international influence.This winter, fashion holds a spot in the French Institute of Skopje’s display with the exhibition ‘Throughout the artwork, study and creation’. This […]

Journey into a medium’s world

Sally Rossiter is a medium of whom I had the pleasure to speak to about her experience in spiritual practices. A medium is a person who can connect and communicate with the afterlife as well as spiritual guides and delivers the messages to those people of whom it […]