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Weekends like that – Brajcino

Friday afternoon, 10 people and full load. We just waved to Kristina and hit the road. Direction – Brajcino, small village near Prespa lake, located in Pelister National Park. For some of us it was the first visit in this part of Macedonia. Breathtaking landscapes, excellent weather, everything […]

ACAB or not?

The force, institution of public trust or corrupted armed group under politicians’ control? Coppers, dogs, donut squad, cunt stubble, fizlove – called many names, often insulted: the Police. ­ I always wondered about the duality of policeman’s image. Kids idealize them, look up to the righteous knights of […]

Magic of the classical music

The philarmonic orchestra of Macedonia was created on 24th November 1944 by the composer Todor Skalovski. Nowadays, the orchestra has 87 members You comfortably sit in a red soft chair. In front of you on the stage, about 50 musicians are tuning their instrument in a pleasant hubbub. […]

TrainVOL project

Between 28th and 30th of March 2018 Volunteers Centre Skopje hosted the  Transnational Project meeting held for the purposes of the Erasmus+ Project entitled “TrainVOL- Capacity Building of Civil Society to Strengthen Volunteerism Management and Promote Volunteerism among Youth’’. The TrainVol project aims to develop an alternative mechanism […]

Cartoons in the 90s

The 1990s was notable for a lot of things, but one thing not many people really think about is the types of cartoons and the impact these cartoons this decade brought with it. It’s Saturday morning. No school today, but somehow we’re able to wake up early to […]


Fencing is a martial art in which two opponents fight with a cold weapon with which they try to “stab” the opponent. At the beginning, fencing was a combat system that later turned into a sport. It is believed that its roots originate in Spain as evidenced by […]

Training course “Peers for diversity”

In the period of 19- 25 of March 2018 in Arad, Romania 21 youth workers went on a Thematic Awareness Training course titled #PeersforDiversity. The topic was on anti-discrimination. I (Kristina Mitrovska) along with Maja Ristevska had the honor to be representatives on behalf of the Volunteers Center […]

Voices April 2018

“It has 2,150 stores. There are squares and markets with vaults and domes. Of all the most beautiful are: the Bazaar of Bezazes (cotton fabrics), umbrellas, slippers, paints and hats. These are big bazaars made according to plan. Their streets are clean and cobbled. Each shop is decorated […]

Body of Passion

Between sharp technique and passion, pain and sweetness, rehearsals and performance… Ballet dance is indeed one of the most paradoxical and fascinating discipline. In appearances, during a ballet at the opera, we only see beautiful dancers in bright tutu (the dance costume for girls), turning and flying on […]