Love in the back pocket

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They met outside that cold and frosty morning, just to get some official things done. Long lasting warm hug for a welcome… Her hair over his face… Her scent of a Wild Rose… More than official…

They walk along together with a perfectly synchronized steps…gliding, like not touching the ground. She was showing her lovely smile over and over again, as the Sun was shining out of the cold winter sky.

“At least my heart is warm”- he thought with a smile.

They navigated through the city… Some places, some streets… waiting in a line, one next to another. In the crowd of people just their eyes met, millions of times, in the right moments…and all over again. One of those days… You run out of words but the moments of silence contain the whole universe. And the smile on their face has never gone away.

“Oh how I wish you to be my mysterious Universe! To discover your secrets every single day”-an honest back thought in his playful mind, wanting this day never to end. And they seemed very happy, even the random people on the street looked at them, attracted by that nice flow of energy. She was like a lovely butterfly with her inner charm and curious eyes full of sun. And he had the courage to let her know that…” I can walk thousands of miles with you! And never be tired and bored!” – he attracted another precious smile on her lovely face. “So let`s do it someday! Maybe spring time is better?” – she agreed. He just smiled, he already felt the spring time deep in his heart, right here, right now…

Together they went for a coffee and a talk, as they shared life stories people usually do only with the closest. And they felt closer, looking in the depth of each other`s eyes.

“How far this can go?” – he just wondered. “Am I gonna hurt her feelings if I go too far or if I don`t?” But he left the magic develop further as he could not remember a day feeling like this. And she was the one that made him feel so special today… He had eyes only for her.

He walked her home… Long lasting warm hug… Her hair over his face… Still the scent of a Wild Rose…

Later that night, just after midnight when the magic usually starts, she texted to him:

“You are my sweet…! Sleep well!”

“Thank you for the most amazing day!” – he replied. “For all your smiles… hugs… nice words.”

“It sounds like Love that I have forgotten long time ago”-she texted back with smileys and hearts. “Just remind me what it was?”

“Well Love is that shiny little thing I put in the back pocket of your jeans today”-he texted in a moment. “When you were not watching”

“You really put something? I cannot find”-she was entertained. “You have a golden heart!”

“No…I don`t have a heart! I gave it to you. The first day we met…”-he was brave enough to text her like that.

“I can give it back…” – she wanted to be polite.

“Please keep it. You handle it more than better” – he admitted.

“You are my sweet..!”

“And you are my most beautiful Butterfly!”

Yeah… He knew so well that Love was something we all look forward to happen… Just round the corner… And if you are lucky, it happens unexpectedly when our guard is down. Millions of smiles for no reason… thinking that you can fly and you just love the idea that happened that way, no plan, no delays and no tomorrow… Like a refreshing rain that pours down all of a sudden upon your head… you close your eyes and let it flow.


Goran Galabov

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