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A day full of foolishness

When the spring is on its way and the month turns from March to April, there comes a day when you can’t trust anyone or anything. And if you do so, you’ll end up getting laughed at. And that day is, of course, April fool’s day. The tradition of hoaxes has now spread widely but […]

Everyone should get a tattoo

For a few years, we have been observing that tattoos are appearing on the skin of more and more people. From the young rocker to the doctor, tattoos seem to leave behind its brutal and violent connotation for the benefit of the role of an entire art! Let’s prepare the dermograph and let’s explore together […]

A friend is wanted

I don’t like to define – especially when it comes to people, people I don’t even know but I want in my life. To define is necessarily to limit. Sometimes, we can blind ourselves to wonderful people and shield ourselves from beautiful experiences because those we meet simply do not fit the characteristics that we […]

Why Europe? – Reflections on a blurry term

In the time of the ancient Greeks, the view of the world included three different continents: Africa, Asia and Europe and this view is still present in our modern way of thinking. Nowadays many people speak about Europe but it seems that everyone means something else. There seems to be not a clear idea of […]

The head in the stars

On October 8th, 2019, there was the award ceremony for one of the most famous and prestigious prizes in the world: the Nobel Prize for physics. This prize represents, for the physicists, the culmination of an entire life of research and work. This year, the three winners are three researchers who dedicated their work to […]

What would have been? The modern archipelago of missed encounters

Yesterday, I met a stranger on the bus. Among many whom my body and life path approached, surrounded, but finally didn’t cross, there was this young man. He was wearing a not very discreet, but strongly elegant mustard shirt, original glasses that adorned his well defined face of sharp traces. Neatly trimmed hair, pleasantly carefree […]

Cats, cats, CATS…

From ancient Egypt to nowadays Turkey… Time is passing by, but one thing has not changed for a few thousands years – cats are still favorites all around the globe. Of course, there is one common saying according to which the world is divided into two perfect halves – cat lovers and dog lovers. It […]

Across borders and continents: International love and friendship

People are often curious about how international or transcultural or transcontinental relationships work out, and what they are like, on a day to day basis. It is true that it can be difficult to conceive, if you’ve never been in one, if you live in a place where there is not much room or opportunity […]

We are in a rush to save the Earth

Flames in the Notre Dame saddened people all over the world. Parts of this historically and culturally important cathedral burned on the 15.4.2019, and in just two days, people from all over the world have donated almost 900 million Euros for the repairs. This made many ask: “How fast could billionaires solve the great problems […]

Lights and Shadows of Foreignness

Have you ever heard somebody complaining about the experience of a trip or a stay overseas, how awful it made them feel? No, right? Till recently, I hadn’t either. Now that I have, I must talk about it. Day 2, 9am – Whatsapp group of Brazilians – Does anybody in this group want to move […]

Throw out your grammar book and start learning!

Ever wanted to learn a language and don’t want to pay for expensive classes­? No worries, just learn on your own! “On my own”, you ask, “isn’t that incredibly complicated? Don’t I need to be super talented for that?” It’s not complicated, just a lot of work. And no, you don’t need talent, just the […]