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Sauna and Löyly – the most important cultural heritage of Finland

Experiencing Sauna is most of all about washing and relaxing. For Finnish, it’s a lifestyle, like a ritual.

VOICES January 2021

It seems that 2020 was a never-ending era but it also feels like we closed our eyes in March and now it’s 2021 already. However, now it’s not the time to see the bad – only the good. “New Year, new me”, right? It’s curious how hyped people are to celebrate another lap around the […]

“Finndians” – not Indians

Many Finns moved to North America a little over a hundred years ago. There they met the Indians. Between 1860 and 1944, some 400,000 people flocked to America. Some people emigrated from Finland because of unemployment and of its policy of Russification before independence. Some, however, moved to America just for the sake of adventure. […]

Sauna and Finland…

When we open our eyes in the mornings, our everyday life begins from that moment on. In the olden days, the eyes of many Finns opened for the first time in the sauna. It was a place that was considered the purest place for birth, for example. Many lifetime excursions finally ended up in the […]

На Фински начин

Откако многу пати ни беа одбиени апликациите за волонтирање, стаса потврден одговор. Нашата апликација беше одобрена од далечната, непозната Финска. Во секавања од деновите во Финска најзапаметени ќе ни останат сауните и комарците. После долги саатови поминати по аеродромските клупи и седишта стигнавме во малечкото место Лоима. Врнежливо нѐ пречека Финска. Училиштето кадешто бевме сместани […]

Taste of Finland

After many rejected volunteering applications finally we received a positive response, a confirmation that we never expected from the distant and unknown Finland. There are two important things to remember about Finland, saunas and mosquitos. After many hours spent at airports seats we finally arrived in the small place called Loimaa. The school where we […]

Земјата на илјадници езера и 3 милиони сауни

„Каков тип на кафе пиете во Финска?” „Кафе” „Да, меѓутоа какво? Дали е лате, капучино или макијато?” Само кафе. Финска е една од државите кои најмногу конзумираат кафе. Дури и во време на нашето детство, вежбаме со празни чаши во делот за игра во нашите дворови, заедно со имагинарни колачиња, но во вистинско друштво со […]

The land of thousands lakes and 3 million saunas

 “What kind of coffee do you drink in Finland­­?” “Coffee” “But is it latte, cappuccino, macchiato or what?” It’s just coffee. Year after year Finland is one of the biggest coffee drinking countries, even during our childhood we start practicing with little empty cups in a playhouse on our yard, with imaginary cookies, but with […]