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Social media makes us less social

The longest running study of all time gives us the answer to an essential life question. What makes a good life?

VOICES March 2021

As VCS is turning 15 years old, we are celebrating all the people that were inspired to grow in that time. But let’s be more specific! What is VCS all about? For me, it’s all about change and joy through small actions. Sure, volunteers are leaving their comfort zone behind to have new beginnings in […]

How the Internet can help us deal with social distancing

If staring constantly at our phones, living an online life, was what kept us from really enjoying what was happening around us before the pandemic, today the situation is quite different. Humans are social beings and if they can’t be next to other people, they sure find another way to communicate. During the pandemic, that […]

Quarantine reflections: who do we really want to be?

I consider myself a pretty reflective person and during this whole quarantine I have had plenty of time to reflect on myself and on the outer world. Food for thought was given to me yesterday too when I came across this quote by renown Indian spiritual leader Osho Rajneesh: “[…] the human being profoundly fears […]

“Животот по ‘корона’ нема да биде ист, но мораме да се смееме”

Интервју со Денис Јанкуловски од Центарот за јавно здравје во Скопје. „Факт е дека во овој период на асоцијализација увидуваме колку ни недостига друштвото“, вели Јанкуловски. Нему не му е тешко да се разбуди рано наутро со песна, да отиде на работа во Центарот за јавно здравје – Скопје, со часови да биде очи во […]

“Life after corona will not be the same, but don’t forget to smile”

Interview with Denis Jankulovski from the Center for Public Health in Skopje “It is a fact that in this period of social distancing we see how much we miss the company,” Jankulovski said. It is not difficult for him to wake up early in the morning with a song, to go to work at the […]

Мир и рамнотежа – вратете ни ги!

Не е лесно да се најде мир и рамнотежа, посебно во денешно време, во време на пандемија. Преплавени сме со различни информации на социјалните медиуми, ТВ, од нашите пријатели и фамилија, што многу често влијае на тоа како се чувствуваме. Сите ние сме во страв и исчекување поради тоа што немаме контрола над нашите животи. […]

Peace and balance – bring it back!

It’s not so easy to find peace and balance, especially nowadays, during the time of pandemic. We’re surrounded by different information shared on social media, within TV, by our friends and family, which often influence on how we feel. There are more fear and anxiety felt by everyone in our society and it’s because we […]

The dark side of the smartphone revolution

The rise of social media and smartphones has transformed the way we communicate and connect with each other. But not only to the better. This article explores the issues of smartphone  addiction and security risks. I am an IT specialist by training. Nonetheless I remember fondly the days when we did not have smartphones in […]

Social Media Literate = SAFE + EMPOWER + ENGAGE

Between 15th and 23rd June a youth exchange ‘Social Media Literate = SAFE + EMPOWER + ENGAGE’ will take place in Struga. In the period of 7 working days and 2 travel days, it will connect 37 participants coming from Denmark- EUROPEAN COMMUNITY MEDIA CENTER AARHUS,  Republic of Macedonia- ASSOCIATION FOR VOLUNTEERISM VOLONTERSKI CENTAR SKOPJE, […]

Social Media Literate = SAFE + EMPOWER + ENGAGE

  Струга одомаќинува уште една младинска размена од 15-ти до 23-ти јуни. Младинската размена, ‘Social Media Literate = SAFE + EMPOWER + ENGAGE’, во Струга, обединува 37 млади,преставници на различни организации, од EUROPEAN COMMUNITY MEDIA CENTER AARHUS од Данска, Волонтерски Центар Скопје од Македонија, Hang-Kép Kulturális Egyesület, од Унгарија, Maahanmuuttajien Perhe ja Nuorten yhdistys ry […]