10 years of Volunteers Center Skopje

by the Team of Volunteers Center Skopje

2005 was the year when 5 young people returned home from their EVS projects extremely motivated to continue and use somehow their fresh gained knowledge and unique experience. That 1 year abroad working in multicultural environment, overcoming various obstacles, solving different issues, building huge network of international friends inspired them to establish a Centre, a youth organization that can help young people find their way, offer them possibilities to develop their potential, learn new things, discover their abilities, make friendship, to motivate them to be active citizens, to take care about the environment, never stop learning, even find a job. How shall we call this Centre???

Hmmm – Volunteers Centre, why not, it will be the centre of all volunteers – local, international, the ones who are very proactive but also the ones who are shy, have an idea and want to start something useful to do for themselves and for others. That was it, that’s the right name. And WE DID IT!

During these 10 years …

Pre-New Year gathering and team building December 2012
Pre New-Year gathering and team building, December 2012

VCS hosted over 150 EVS volunteers in our Centre – 50 short term and more than 100 for long term from France, Italy, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic etc.

Training course, Struga, July 2009

Over 200 EVS volunteers have been sent all over Europe – Poland, France, United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia etc.

We organized over 60 international and local projects – 22 Training Courses/Youth Exchanges/Seminars/Study Visits from Youth in Action Programme, gave support to other NGOs for over 30 projects, held over 15 local projects and initiatives.

Muzicka rabotilnica so Goran Alachki 2
Music workshop with Goran Alachki, March 2012

Over 1000 young people were sent on international projects all over Europe on Training Courses/Youth Exchanges/Seminars/Study Visits/Partnership Building Activities in the frame of Youth in Action/Erasmus+ Programme.

Since August 2013, VCS has the role of Regional office for the City of Skopje, for the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA. As regional office we are contact point for the coalition as well we help and coordinate all regional activities on the territory of the city of Skopje, organized by the Coalition SEGA.

We have coordinated/been involved in the creation of 7 local strategies and 2 National strategies regarding different themes like youth, culture, cooperation with the NGO sector, entrepreneurial learning for several municipalities such as City of Skopje, Kisela Voda, Tetovo, Gazi Baba, Brvenica and etc.

Day of the Tree, Koen and Sinisha, November, 2011
Day of the tree, November 2011

We organized over 300 local workshops on various topics like dancing, singing, creative writing, effective communication, handicrafts, public speaking, languages (French, Italian, Macedonian for foreigners…), photography, debating, creation of business plan, writing project application, employability skills etc…

If you want to join our activities you can sign up to receive information and to follow all the events, calls for projects and others, by sending a short message that you are applying to be part of the contact list of VCS at the following email address: vcs_contact@yahoo.com

See you at the next event / project / workshop …

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