Eventful October – a real feast for Skopje’s audiences !

Since the last VOICES edition, events taking place in Skopje were as numerous as the freshly fallen autumn leafs! Don’t worry if you missed some of them because exclusively for our readers, we have separated some of the most interesting ones!

The Twelfth Fashion Weekend Skopje, under the motto “Fashion and Cultural Heritage”, opens on October 21 at the Museum of   Macedonia with the fashion “Fashion and Cultural Heritage”, while the array part starts one day later and lasts until October 25. The next day, on October 22, visitors of the FWS have the opportunity to see the show of Igor Markov at the Museum of the City of Skopje. During the last three days (23, 24 and 25 October) the events take place at the Museum of Macedonia, where the latest collections of Jovana Filipovic, Elena Spasovska, Venera Mustafa from Kosovo, Turkish fashion brand “Kigili”, Mitko Zanov, Irina Toseva, Robert Ivanovski, Kristina Cvetkovska, Olgica Gjorgieva and for first time in Macedonia the Russian fashion house “N by Z” introduce their new collections. “.The project “Professional mentoring, collaboration and exchange of knowledge and techniques between designers and factories” is also realized.


Skopje has been living in the rhythm of the dance for almost 19years. Countless talented people will perform at the 19th Festival of Music and Dance ,, SKOPJE OPEN-international dance’’. ‘This event will take place in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. On this event the performances will bring us the joy to watch different types of dances such as street dancing performances, couples’ dancing in the form of ballet duos, solo formations and productions, as well as a variety of other dances like Show Dance, Jazz Dance ,Tap Dance, Acrobatic Dance. More than 10 Europian countries and over 700 participants are struggling and giving their all in the dances so that they can win the first place.

Part of the array of events taking place this past month in Skopje, was also the Spanish Film Week from the 15th to the 21st of October, organized by the Macedonian Cinematheque and in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Macedonia, aiming to promote Spanish culture through presenting older and newer works of the seventh art. To a great pleasure of the film lovers, seven of the best and most successful Spanish films were shown. The attendees, who were in great numbers during the entire week, were able to enjoy Marcelo Pineyro’s “The Method” which would make anyone wonder where the line between lie and truth is, to see a Spanish-Portuguese film version of a Felix Lope de Vega play in “The Dog in the Manger”, to laugh at someone else’s surviving of a middle-age crisis in “A Gun in Each Hand”. Included in the program were also: “Thesis” by Alejandro Amenabar, “The Grandfather” by Jose Luis Garci, “Sleep tight” by Jaume Balaguero and “Cell 211” by DanelMonzon.


Until the next edition of VOICES, don’t miss out on the interesting events to come and we do hope that Skopje will continue to surprise with a growing number of events, project and things to see for the audiences of all ages and backgrounds !

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