Internships in Volunteers Centre Skopje

19397798_1579168325429682_1633279858_nVolunteers Center Skopje in cooperation with the Association “Mundus” from Spain, as part of the Erasmus + Programme for youth, carry out  the Vocational Education and Training Mobility (VET ) who  have it the aim to strengthen the knowledge and skills of young people through practical activity / work in institutions , companies, private businesses that are interested in building the future career  of young people.

In the period from 20th of June to 21st of July 2017, VCS will be hosts  on  5 young people – interns from Barcelona, ​​Spain who will have their practical work in Macedonian companies and business sectors. Upon completing their practical work here they will obtain credits and a certificate for their successfully  practical work in another country in the field they have acquired their education.

Partner institutions that have accepted internships from Spain are: Confederation of Free Trade Unions (KSS), Nursing Home  “Sun”, K & N Hair Studio “and Auto mechanic service” MAOS MAK TRANS “DOO in Skopje.

Interns also have their own coordinator and mentor who  will monitor and oversees their practical work and monitors their upgrading through this program.

We wish warm welcome to  Macedonia on  Madali, Zulema, Jessica, Adrian and Laura .

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