LOVE  the word itself produces tremendous words with profound meanings. Pretty often people say that Love is blind. I really don’t know what is right and wrong about this statement, from my experience I can say that Love should be mutual, equal and equally given from both sides, no matter whether it’s family, parentage, comradely, partner or marital love. Only, in this sense, Love isn’t and never will be blind, but it will shine and it will give great warmth to the hearts of the both sides.

Has every one of us ever asked about the people in the world who have lack of Love in their lives? I personally have asked myself and believe me that after that question I couldn’t fall asleep. In my heart a battle started to develop about why I am doing nothing about warming the hearts of the people who need a bit of Love and support for continuing further in their lives. For days I couldn’t sleep and finally, I came up with an idea to start giving Love and support to the first person in needs. This person’s name is Eli, she is a beautiful girl who urgently needs a medical treatment in the USA, but for that her parents have to pay a big sum of money. I personally believe that if they have those money, they would be more than willing to pay them in order their child to be happy, healthy and blithely to grow and play with her friends.

In this direction, The Private School for Chinese and Italian Language “Ni Hao” – Skopje, in collaboration with “Volunteers Centre Skopje”, on February 14-th 2016 in “Lee Cafe” – Skopje, from 17.00h – 20.00h will organize ahumanitarian bazaar “For Eli with Love”where several young and artistic people will gather together their creative creations and will sell them to the visitors. The money gathered from the Bazaar will go for the Eli’s treatment in the USA. So, in this sense, I would appeal to all people in Macedonia to donate from the open mobile telephones for donations, which can be found on the photo with the big heart. J

hearth eliii with phones

14-th February isn’t just a date, isn’t just a holiday for people who are in loved, isn’t just a holiday for the wine lovers. This holiday is for sharing love, for caring for the others, for helping the people in needs, for making other people happy. It doesn’t matter whether you are single or with a partner. I would say that the most important thing is not only during the holidays, but every day, to do good things and to make the other people happy. Love is selfless, so let us be selfless as well. J

Dragan Lazeski

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