Miss Macedonia for many years has been an active volunteer


VCS-First of all thank you for visiting us at the Volunteer Centre Skopje despite the busy schedule.

ER-Thank you for the invitation and I’m glad to be here.

VCS-At the same beginning, how usually you answer when someone is asking “Who is Emilija Rozman”?

EP-Yes, people are always confused when someone is asking who is that and that person, well I’m me myself and I (hahaha) I am all that I do in life, the people around me, my everyday life, the things I do, the music I listen to. An ordinary girl who is studying at the Institute of Defectology at Faculty of Philosophy and simultaneously started one adventure of Spanish Language at Faculty of Philology, which goes slower since all assignments I have. I am a volunteer at the Red Cross since I was 10 years old and it is something that fills me and makes me the happiest of the whole world. I work as a model that many people emphasis but I think we need to put emphasis on other things as well, but that’s it, in short that is Emilija Rozman.

VCS-Great, you already mentioned the next thing I wanted to ask you, and it’s volunteering, you  mentioned that you are volunteer at the Red Cross, what does it mean for you?

ER-Yes, as I said I’m a volunteer since I was 10 and it’s the best thing I have done for myself in my life because since of my very youth it has builded me in a person which I desire to be, taught me many things I know in life, and I have gained a lot of experience there and the people I met, all the training that I attended, taught and built me to be a special person in term,  person I want to be since nowadays in our society is difficult to achieve. I support volunteering and no matter whether it is volunteering in a humanitarian organization like the Red Cross or somewhere else its nice to volunteer mainly because of friendship the experience acquired etc…


VCS- Your beginnings in modeling, when and how does it started?

ER-Well it started approximately around my 17th year, honestly I was all my life hanging out  with boys, I love playing football, playing basketball, I didn’t like very much those Barbie-things I wasn’t so interested by Barbies. And my brother often tells me “You should not regret for the things you have done, but for those things that you haven’t done yet” I was 17 years,  my childish thoughts were what I haven’t  done in my life, right at that age it is a huge thing to have 17 years (lol) and I came to the conclusion that I need to try something so feminine like to be a model, so I started the course which for real in our country is comical, and then suddenly they started offering me shows, catalogs, shots and anything else that. It was fun for me at that age because that time I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to became, what will be my profession, etc… I was meeting people that already were working that as a profession and it was interesting. So it somehow continue, I started  working, earning money, it provides me opportunities to travel around the world which is my greatest desire so that things ran me alone even though I did not expect to become a model, because that time the craziest thing about myself was to imagine that I would become so feminine and model but it happened.

VCS-One of the benefits is to travel, what are the others  benefits?

ER-Yes, above all I had great trips, the people I met, and to say I think I’m blessed or I don’t  know is it the universe but I’m happy that I had such an opportunity, made my way so I can travel and  to work that I love, that makes me happy and is interesting. I met many different cultures, I met many girls from different places of the world and is very interesting to see their lifestyle how things work out from our country. Culture, tradition,the life they live is very different from ours and it is an opportunity to widen our knowledge when we  communicate with a huge number of different people who come and go daily. Here are the negative sides , all those people I miss, each in their own part of the world, but thanks to the Internet and the technology we are able to communicate and be in touch even every day.

VCS-You said that God gave you the opportunity to work for what you want, although we prefer to say God gave you beauty, still you need to keep your body in shape, how do you take care of your body?

ER-Well, God, mom dad, universe, who believes in what, and the diet is raw chocolate and cup of green tea, raw chocolate and a cup of green tea creates some balance (hahaha). Previously I did not pay so much attention to the body because i felt good in my body, but when I went out of our state, I saw that I need to take care for my body, especially since the modeling standards are totally out of any order, and require things that are not very healthy, but you should  lose a kilo or two for a catalog or for a particular show and I started visit the gym. When I was in India I was training kickboxing, there was a guy who trained me daily and it is actually very good for self-defense because there are many people who need someone to show them where is their place, kidding .. (ahahahah). But yes, I support the sport since my childhood I was training basketball at the male team of MZT, although I never had the opportunity to play with them right because they were men’s team and it’s against the rule but that somehow strengthened me, male 10 laps and 10 laps for me, male 10 push-ups and 10 push-ups for me, if you want to train with male, there is no “I’m a girl” (hahaha). I hate diets I adore chocolate, I love french fries, I alow myself those kinds of food but thats why I spend in the gym a certain part of the day, one to two hours, depends.


VCS – You keep your body  fit and healthy, and we read somewhere that you are  against the sudden weakening and diets for the famous 0-Size ?

ER-Yes I am, I’m  very much against it, because of what happened to me when I had the lowest weight of 55 kilos, and I was literally only skin and bones, I reach in Milan happy I lost some weight and ready for work, but there told me that I was much heavier than that they expected. At the castings I saw so many skinny girls that at any moment I expected to fall, they were too weak what is bizarre. Terrible thing is that they give to the girls in Milan to eat cotton to feel full, and no hungry for body does not require food before shows before performances how could they look much slimmer, and all that painful things so I am totally against it and I think that the body needs to be maintained in a healthy spirit, not too big nor too weak, to keep the body in shape and all that could be done in another way not to be starvation. In Paris there is introduced a new law because many girls died from anorexia, for the companies that will hire anorexic models, but it does not apply to them because the big names and brands can afford to pay 5000, 6000 EUR so that it is not respected at all, for them it is important to finish the project right the way they imagine. But now recently they introduced jail time as a punishment for those who hires anorexic models, so hopefully they will change the way of working.

VCS- What are your goals in life, where do you see yourself next?

EP-John Lennon I think it was of  the Beatles who when was asked what he wants to be in life, he replied “HAPPY”, so they said he did not understand the question when he  replied that they have not understood the answer. It is one of my main goals in life to be happy, fulfilled primarily spiritually because, in the 21st century when everything is about the money, the treasure the glory that is totally irrelevant because person can have all the money in the world but if he inside does not feel fulfilled and happy all that is for nothing. So, I want to be happy, successful and I’m working on what I want to achieve, I want to travel the world, I want to help people and I like making them happy. It is not a career, but behold these things if you put them together I see future in UNICEF, I want one day to become an ambassador of UNICEF to support their noble mission, give people everything that life is giving me, there are people who don’t have the basic staff so I have pretty big plans but a person should work on his/her plans because one thing is to talk and to love to do something, but another is  to act, the words are just words.


VCS-WE wish you much success in achieving those plans. You have visited many countries, and it is impossible to ask you to pick one, but is it possible to pick a few that left the biggest impression on you, which cultures?

ER-Each country is unique in its own way, every country has something different something so unique, in a way is known only that particular country, such as India, the first day was a shock for me, something that is so dirty, so dirty I haven’t seen in my life, but still during my stay there which was month and a half, they have such a tradition, such a spirituality that we can live another 100 years and will never achieve. So poor but cheerful people, the beautiful places and even each day I was visiting different places I can say still I didn’t see a thing there. I loved Spain and wanted to live there, but when I went to Milan where I think I had the best days of my life, to work there is really taught because there are too many girls, huge competition and need to run an unhealthy life because it is what requires of these girls. On the other hand the social life they have, all parties all places, every country has a different spirit. Italy is something special yes. Turkey, Istanbul, in Istanbul if I gather all in together I spent more than a year of my life, but every time I go every time there is something new to see. China also so special country I do not know where to start from. Each country has its own magic.


VCS-Since mentioned China, and the fresh thing is that this year you had the honor to represent Macedonia to the Miss World, what is that experience?

ER-It was my second trip, but each time a different experience. Miss World is a huge event, when I told my family at home that I will represent Macedonia at this happening they were fascinated my father told me that every time he would look on TV Miss World, he dreamed one day to have such a beautiful daughter who will be the one to represent the whole country to such a happening, which is really not a small thing though here are not appreciated enough as they perform those elections. In our country it is ridiculous who can be specified miss and how these values are abroad appreciated more, when I went there I was really happy and I promised that I would do my best to present us in the best possible way, not only for myself but for a country of 2 million people, which a huge number of people do not know that exists, such a small country that offers so much, so noble, and rich with natural beauty and I wanted to show the world. When I went there immediately I saw who of the girls are forced, we all have favorites, has the organization and the jury has their own favorites, what is immediately noticeable from the start. I was shocked by one hand from the organization, and on the other hand I can not forgive myself or the others who were supposed to organize all and who were going to support me whether the financial part whether in terms of production, all the things all the videos that had to hire a studio, it is not some big numbers that a country can not afford, there were some comments like “people have nothing to eat and you’re asking someone to sponsor you” No, not me, not me personally . Greatest ambassadors are people who represent through sport, through culture, music, not the people of politics, and  we have to invest in this area, there doesn’t have to be beauty choice, let it be music, culture, someone who will present us because nobody will say that want to visit that country of two million when he has worldwide destinations like the islands, which are exotic and attractive for all senses to say. So when I went there when I saw how much opportunities I have, but day by day as declining and losing as many points due to the poor organization. Miss Talent comes and I have nothing to do because someone didn’t informed me on time that sign language is not recognized as a talent, although I had a wonderful plan to present a ballade  by John Legend and on sign language to interpret, and if someone has told me that I would have changed and do something else,  I love Latin dancing and I would have managed something and at some point and it would have been great. Miss Multimedia, to the media I can not complain, the biggest support  was my family, close friends, then the media I have to say, I don’t want to failed and then cry, I want to be known what actually happened  there, that we could have much more success. And here usually give credit if someone wins something if you achieve something, but previously no one recognizes you. The deaf child as a participant in the Olympics, where they were previously to finance to secure a place for training, but because when the child has achieved his success were all present here to say well done to him and all organized welcomes and things he deserved but before that nobody had idea that the kid is at Olympics. Unfortunate and sad, but anyway very beautiful experience, I entered history as Miss 2015.2016 years. And that is something that remains and no one can take it away from me.

VCS-What’s your next destination, desire, on a private plan?

ER-My private life and work I can combine and through my work I choose places that I want to visit,it is my job and there is a huge number of markets around the world and the places I always dreamed to visit  so on that way I allow myself earning money and travel. There are quite a destination, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, and I talk a lot with my parents because it means to me what they think, where I should go, so I do not know exactly, but in any case it will be a new interesting place.

VCS-Thank you for the time thank you for being our guest. We wish you much success in your intentions and wish you to be HAPPY as you said by yourself.

ER-I was honored, thank you for the beautiful conversation and unusual questions. Wonderful atmosphere and honestly I enjoyed and felt really nice in your office. And I wish you success in any field.

Rusid Mahmud


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