Surviving and enjoying the Estonian snowy winter fairytale !

Starting the year right… with travelling. Our group of five, was all set and ready to celebrate the orthodox Christmas (on January 7th) in Tallinn, Estonia. Since we are part of the chain project: Agenda A.C.E.-Action, Contact, Excellence, at the first part we already met the trainers and the other participants in Finland, last October and now we met again. The beauty of these chain projects is that you become very close with these people, that now I can call my friends. I was excited to see them all again and to spend another week with the same group of amazing people, where we can work on our project proposals but also have fun in our free time.


But I do not think I was prepared for the extreme low temperatures that welcomed us in Tallinn. Coming from a southern country, it was expected that we will complain about how cold it is and that it should be illegal to do anything at -34 C. After the initial temperature shock, when we gathered for our first night out, visiting the beautiful fairytale called Christmas Market in the old city of Tallinn, we were amazed by the sight and warmed up with some delicious mulled wine.


We arrived 3 days prior the start of training course, to be able to explore the capital of Eesti, and to learn more about their traditions, culture and what locals love to do, over here. Trying out traditional food and bar hopping was on the menu for the two night outs that we had with our local guide aka one of our trainers – Pavel. During the day time, we enjoyed just walking around the city centre and the old city, sightseeing and falling in love with the pink sunsets…

The aim for the second part of this chain training course was to finish up the application with our project proposal, for the projects that we started developing while we were in Finland. Everyone was excited to complete the application by the time we need to head back home, from the cute little snowy fairytale in central Estonia called Vanaoue. With the help of the trainers we managed to finish most of the parts of the application and when we were too tired of working we were having ACE-factor (*two Macedonians in the grand finale :), we were singing Drake’s- Hotline Bling or… “You used to call me on my cellphone” all day every day, we had sauna time of course, experiencing rolling in the snow and then jumping in the hottub, trying out international dishes at our intercultural night, having dance battles, secret friend game was on point, celebrating Old-New Year (yes we do celebrate it still 🙂 taking a day off to visit and explore the nearest city called Viljandi and taking thousands of pictures and selfies and having the time of our lives…

We all promised to submit our projects before the deadline and so we did. But the coolest part was that many of the project proposals are with partner organizations that we met on this training course. Looking forward to the third phase in a couple of months, where we’ll meet again and to many other partner projects with this amazing people, coming from even cooler organizations. Thankful to have the opportunity to meet them and have them in my life…

See you soon ACE-family !

Text by Nina Nikolic

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