VCS movie nights: brief encounter

“I’m a happily married woman. Or rather I was until a few weeks ago. This is my whole world and it’s enough, or rather it was enough until a few weeks ago.”

Your heart dances. The world seems strange and new.

You want to laugh and skip and fall forever.

You are in love.

You are in love with the wrong person.

“That’s how it all began. Just by me getting a little piece of grit in my eye.”


Trench coats, dimly lit street lights and a love affair between two strangers who meet at a train station by chance somewhere in postwar Britain. Laura, a married woman and Alec, the idealistic married doctor fall in love in a place and time when self-sacrifice for the sake of marriage made unchallenged moral sense. David Lean’s ‘Brief Encounter’ is widely considered among the greatest romantic movies of all time.

On 11th of February we gathered in Volunteers Centre Skopje office wanting to hear some ultra-English accents and to see the lifestyle of middle-class England in the 40s. In the end the audience was astounded how Brief Encounter is still relevant after more than 70 years since its release. The film raises many questions about infidelity and leaves the impression of one of the most haunting love stories ever.


Once a month we invite people to watch and discuss one chosen piece of cinema. Everything from B&W noir classics to present-day documentaries – the only criteria for the film is a thought-provoking message.

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