Drawing technic

Drawing technic

The drawing is a technique to visually represent in two dimensions, characters, landscapes or objects. The term design refers to both the act of drawing, the result of this practice or elements of any object.
The design is primarily an expression of emotion or desire. It has been found for example that the drawing is a symbol of freedom. Following the attacks in France in Charlie Hebdo, in Bataclan and Belgium in Brussels, people have used drawing as a way to express their emotions, sadness or anger. A design is universal, it has no language, not even original. It can be interpreted by all and everyone can appropriate.


Pencil Drawing

When speaking of design, we think of pencil and paper. This is the basis of all creations. The first step is the sketch, which can project and give shape to an idea. The sketch is much used by artists because it allows to note things, details and then more clearly explain something to a person.
For that, use dry tools (eg graphite, charcoal, pastels …) or wet (marker, pen and ink).


The basic tools are a drawing board or table, pencil and eraser, and for ink drawing, blotting paper. An easel or slanted table is used to keep the drawing surface in a suitable position, which is generally more horizontal than the position used in painting.

To illustrate this and show that we can go further than a simple sketch, here are the work of the Filipino artist Kerby Rosanes who in one of his projects entitled Geometric Beasts, featuring animals in the second half of the body is only composed of geometric shapes fitted into each other. Drawn in ink on paper, these beasts straight out of a science fiction story, testify to the incredible technical mastery of their author. Tigers, wolves and orcas rub shoulders with polar bears and whales in a mixture of realism, geometric shapes and sharp lines.
Another example is the Parisian Nicolas Delort who creates amazing illustrations inspired by famous films such as Hobbit universe or the teeth of the sea. At first he made the sketch in hand, then the matter on Photoshop to refine the features. The drawing is then printed and transferred onto a medium where Clayboard is spread ink on which it operates with the aid of a brush, a marker pen and a scratch for hatching in particular.
There are a multitude of techniques to draw, in a future article, I will talk about more specific techniques specific to an era.

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