Andrej Pavlov – Industrial Designer and contemporary artist

Andrej Pavlov (24), Industrial Designer and contemporary artist exploring shapes created from single continuous line. Most of his work is based on portraits and shapes representing human body, inspired by people’s energy, emotions and creativity spread around him. Pavlov’s art consists unique expression, following peculiar language where aesthetic, physical and spiritual concepts coexist in line drawing.

In the following past months Andrej took participation in several national exhibitions and cultural events. He believes that what the future holds is unknown; his possibility to visualize it with one continuous line is a real challenge and great contribution for the local scene.

You can find more about Pavlov and his work:

“It is a illustration inspired by DIVA a massive sculpture by Juliana Notari based in Brazil, an absolute masterpiece regarding topic that is still an issue worldwide. BE DIVAS” – Andrej Pavlov
Strajk kobiet
To the brave,to the bold to all of you – Andrej Pavlov
On June 29, Skopje the capital of North Macedonia held the first-ever pride parade supporting the LGBT community. A lovely celebration of love, life, equality and bravery.
Save Australia – Andrej Pavlov

Save Australia – Andrej Pavlov
Со пркос
I can’t breathe – Andrej Pavlov
In memory of George Floyd
Го отеравме Скопје у ПМ честички – Andrej Pavlov

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