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The sketch is part of the preparatory phase for a research work to paint. It often is after the rough sketch from life and can precede a finished drawing or permanently as a working basis for a painter.

It differs from the rough sketch, which is also a drawing, quickly realized as a note-taking or during exercise. The sketch is when she realized to go further in the creative process, it is more precise and we linger on the first details, movements, shadows, …  It is often performed in pencil as it is likely to receive corrections.


Unlike sketches that can be works in themselves, such as Eugène Delacroix watercolor of travel diaries and Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches have little esthetic value. These are only the basis for the final work.

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The sketch is often confused with the draft is, after drawing, the first color in step on the final support.

Here are some recommendations for sketch:

– Do not wrap once

– Draw in the empty spaces instead of going on line

– Keep fluid lines

– Prefer light and clear contours

– If a form is too complex, divide it into parts or segment.


“It is also noteworthy that in the sketches painters indulge in all the game of imagination and simply a few strokes of pencil or pen to mark their intentions, order and the character they want to give their drawing . These sketches, when a few Master, become precious in the eyes of a connoisseur, because they usually contain a franchise, freedom, fire, boldness, strong and spiritual keys, finally a character that we do not find in the finest designs. ”

      draft 1    425e278052e726c0d2f8802813ac046e    studyofwoman

This definition of the time of rebirth, perfectly sums up what should be a sketch, both simple and effective, it must carry the desires and emotions of the artist.

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