I would like to tell my EVS story (or at least its first chapter) in order to provide a clear image and encouragement for the next EVS volunteers from Macedonia.

On the 20th of August 2016, I started my trip to Pula, Croatia… 23 hours of bus ride full of impatience, excitement, anxiety and backpain.
I needed change in every field of my life, new perception, new places, new people, new concept of work, informal education and investment in and for myself.

I felt a strong need of making a brave step to leave my comfort zone i explore deeper into the world of uncertainty and unknown. Now, I am walking through that world and hope to learn, grow and color myself with culture and art. My world is SUR Rojc, association of non- governmental and civil organizations (more than 100) that work actively in the field of culture, art, sport, with simultanious engagement of the disabled  and discriminated groups of people from the region of Istria. As a volunteer, I hope to help and  learn within and from the center of culture where people gather on a free will basis to take their daily dose of music, culture, art, sport and recreation as well as many other beneficial effects for body, mind and spirit. Rojc is  former military barrack, that through the aid of  creative minds and their thurst for culture is now transformed into colorful and joyful gathering point where people use their free time in smart manner.



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