Vino Skop 2016


In 2007, the citizens of Skopje had the opportunity to attend the International Wine Festival “VinoSkop”for the first time. The event was held on the quay ”13 November” where 20 Macedonian wineries were presented. During the festival, three inernational and two local judges degustated different types of wines from Macedonian wineries.
The festival’s judges were professional wine taster. One of them was Kevin Moore. He represented the wine magazine “Harpers Wine and Spirit” from the UK. Antoher judge attended from Italy, Enrica Tizziati, an expert on Italian wines.

img_5460 img_5458

The winners of the festival were the wineries : Vinar, Skovin, Chateau Kamnik, Pivka and Popova Kula. The festival was also accompanied by a cultural and artistic program. For example the Macedonian choir, ethno bands and brass orchestras. There were also musical performances and guests from Italy and Vojvodina.

The funds that were collected by the wine’s auction, which the City of Skopje had organized within this festival for promoting Macedonian wines, were donated to charities to help the Children’s Hospital “Kozle”.


From 2008 to 2015 the festival took place in another location: Square Filip II.
This year the festival celebrated its 10 years anniversary. Therefore it took place on the the quay ”13 November” in memory of it’s first opening. It lasted from the 28th of September to the 2nd of October 2016.
Over the years the festival became bigger and bigger. Now it is a very famous yearly event with more than 30 local wine varieties. There are plenty of people coming for wine tasting, to eat some local food, to enjoy the concerts and of course to have fun. For a good reason you can feel the good atmosphere and it is a pleasure to attend this festival.


A few years ago, the city of Skopje decided to organize another winery event “VinoSkop Spring” around April / May near Vero Center.

For this year the performances during the festival included Amadeus Band, Kuku Lele, Efto Pupinovski, and some more. Vlado Janevskiheld held the closing concert.


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