The most influential secret society of human history

“Freemasons worship the devil!“ , “Freemasonry is a foreign terrorist organization!“ , “Freemasonry is an organization, which pursuit of global dominance!“ , “Freemasons know, when the apocalypse will happen!“ and so on. Rumors over rumors. Like every secret society the secretiveness makes room for speculation. But which of them are just imagination and which of them are true. So let us throw a glance behind the scenes of this secret society.


What we know about Freemasonry developed in the 16thcentury. In the beginning the Freemasonry was an organization originated in medieval times, in which a mason could notify each other without losing knowledge by talking to somebody who is not a mason. But this mason were not only “mason“, they  also were architects with a certain Know- How and as a consequence of that they had a huge importance in the society. For example the Kölner Dom, Notre Dame and the St.Pauls Cathedral were built by freemason.






This explains also the symbols of the freemason, namely the compass, the mechanic’s level and the set square. These were and are the basic tools for architects and so these symbols decorate the temples of the freemason.


There is doubt, that the secrecy of the freemasons attracted also non freemasons. The people, who were allowed to join them were lords, rich and influential persons, honorary members; summing up important persons. And as a consequence of that the freemasonry became a major group and its influence in politics was really large, because freemasonry was now a gathering of opinion leaders, mostly from the political environment, but also literary, artistic, scientific and monetary persons looked for contact. As a consequence of this development the freemasons established the United Grand Lodge of England in London in 1717.


How large its influence in politics was, shows following events. For example the French revolution (1789) would not have happened without the influence of the freemasons, because the manipulators and masterminds of it, for example Lafayerre, Mirabeu, Marat but also Voltaire und Montesquieu, were freemasons.


Especially large is the influence of the Freemasonry in the history of the United States of America. George Washington and other founding fathers were freemasons – subsequent more presidents of the USA, like James Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman and Gerald Ford are believed to be Freemasons.  Also the both presidents Bush were and are freemasons.


Of course this list is not complete. How large their influence until now is, is not clear, because the freemasons are very reticent and not every freemason professes as a freemason. But it is fact, that the USA with round 5 million members is reckoned to be the metropolis of freemasonry, followed by England with round 1 million members. There is no doubt, that under this number there must be some political personality.


However the possibility of absolute silence is also used in the criminal scene. An example for that is the Freemason lodge Propaganda due, shortly P2. This lodge was involved in umpteen criminal and terroristic activities like assassinations, attempted coups and so on. Amongst the members were some renounced persons like the Ex-prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi and the “banker of god“ Roberto Calvi.

But the complot was uncovered due to a house search of Licio Celli, the “master of the chair“.


On the 10.ofJune 1982 Roberto Calvi left hastily Italy, after the collapse of his bank. 1987 his bank collapsed, and the Vatican lost round three billion US-Dollars.  Roberto Calvi borrowed money from the Italian Mafia and as a consequence of this collapse he could not pay his debt. So he fled to London. June 18th he was found dead, hanged under the Blackfriars Bridge.



In his jacket the police found signs, which should point at the Freemasons.  Initially his death was categorized as a suicide. First 1992 when his body was exhumed and examined the police recognized that it was murder. The signs were so clear, they all pointed to the Freemasons. Probably, the Cosa Nostra killed him because of that he could not pay his debt. The trial started on the 6.of October 2005.

Il superboss di Cosa Nostra, Bernardo Provenzano, in una immagine che risale alla sua cattura, 10 maggio 2012. ANSA

The murder was blamed on Don  and four more persons. But the trial failed on 6th of June 2007 and all five persons were acquitted.  After this incident the freemasonry had the worst image, which you can imagine. Because it showed, that at least some parts of the freemasonry play a clear ragtag in the society.

So what is freemasonry? Is this secret society dangerous or not. There is no doubt, that it is difficult to judge about a society, which understands to hide information. So let us look at the facts and then obtain an opinion with these facts.  So, it is clear that freemasons have claimed occasional laudable political aims like freedom and equality. They developed science and culture further and they are also charitable. For example the discoverers Robert Scott and Ronald Amundsen were freemasons, but also the astronaut Gordon Cooper and the pilot Charles Lindbergh. Also Mozart, Goethe and Puccini were avowed freemasons. A lot of freemasons got the Nobel Peace Prize. But are these facts so important to make a complete judgment about freemasonry. Firstly it is important to know that there is no fixed freemasonry, because some lodge also fight each other and do not trace a homogeneous politic, summary every lodge is different. If they represent tolerance, appreciation, freedom, equality before the law and giving the right, to live your own opinion, is there no point to say something against that. But if they use media of violence, intrigues, murders, pretenses and of a bloody revolution, like the freemason lodge P2, it is criminal society.

Like everything in life, try to look carefully, get information from different sources and make up your mind. Secrecy can be dangerous even tough good intentions can be behind them. BUT…Who controls these people and their influences in our society? How can we protect us from them, if they make decisions that are harmful for us?

These are a few questions that I would like to leave you to think about.


By Dominik Daniel

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