Training course “WHAT IF?”

HAPPENING NOW!!! Starting from 7th till 15th of December there is an ongoing training course in Busteni, Romania with working title WHAT IF? The project gathers 34 participants, 5 experts and one interpreter from 17 different countries and the topic is the risks management during the preparation and implementation of the Erasmus+ projects. Volunteers Centre Skopje is represented by Maja and Goran who are working in mixed international teams of youth workers and project managers.

The aim of the project is to enforce the risks management capacity for youth workers, trainers and project managers in order to increase the quality of youth projects in Erasmus+ program. The aim is to be achieved through following objectives: identify and analyze the risks that can occur in youth projects, the factors and impact on project’s quality, provide for 36 participants from 17 countries tools specific for non-formal education for risk management, models for risk evaluation, avoiding and reducing, develop for youngsters, youth workers, managers new competences for risk management and dealing with conflicts, exchange of practices and to increase the cooperation between youth structures by developing quality projects.

The Volunteers Centre Skopje team, Maja and Goran are taking an active participation in the training course by presenting their experience through workshops and team building activities as required.

The final results are expected to be a blog of the project, a guide “What if“ and a DVD that will comprise final results, presentations, educational kits, information materials, photos, results of researches and workshops.


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