Nicknamed the red city, Marrakech is a colorful place where the rampant encircling the Medina are the reminder of its past imperial city.I will tell you about 8 things to do if you go to Marrakech one day. Hoping that this article will bring you a bit of heat in those frigid days.

8 things to do in Marrakesh



  1. To eat on an stall of the placeJanaaelFnaa

At 2 pm, it offers nothing more than a lambda place. It is however the center of the city. From 5 pm, it becomes black. Charmers of snakes, chiromancers, tattooists, and then when it is night, itinerant restaurants guarantee an extraordinary animation and extraordinaryfood.


  1. Stroll in theMajorelle Garden

This sublime garden owes its fame to French couturier Yves Saint-Laurent, who bought it in 1980 to restore it, in accordance with its original design by the painter Jacques Majorelle. Plants from all over the world flourish in this island of freshness. On the death of Yves Saint-Laurent, his ashes were scattered.


  1. Drink a Moroccanteawith a Local

You will not get tired of it. Being a Muslim country, alcohol is not easy to find in Morocco, but tea is delicious. During the hot season, a Moroccan mint tea can be surprisingly refreshing. He will know all the best when he hugged you offered by a local.

  1. Get lost in Souk

It is the souk, you are pulled by the arm to attract you to a store or another. But what an atmosphere! Bargaining is a must, and we like to get lost in the streets. A real labyrinth!You can find wonders: spices, jewelry, clothes, decoration, …

img_15035.Relax on a rooftop

There are a lot of terraces on the roofs of Marrakech and if you like to relax and watch people go by, there are quite a few close to the main square from where you can sit down, tea or cocktail in hand, With an eye on what happens down there.

6.Admire the medersa Ben-Youssef

Koranic school for more than 4 century, the medersa is today one of the largest of the Maghreb. It has an architecture full of richness where cohabite: marble, wood, basin of water. A real sight for the eyes!




180311-kutubiye img_1613

7. To be lulled by the prayer that comes out ofLa mosqueKoutoubia

With its 77 meters of height it is without a doubt the most recognizable monument in all Marrakech. Religious monument for the Moroccans it is also a representative place of the Spanish-Moorish art. It is particularly beautiful when illuminated at night.


By Juliette Coran

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