South Africa The Garden Route


Happy New Year and all the best! Many of us have many intentions for the New Year, for example meeting new people, losing weight or saving money for something important. But one of the most common intentions is travelling. That’s why you can read in this new episode of VOICES my suggestion to go to South Africa (the garden route)!

Africa at its self is the biggest continent on this world and with it comes a big variety of climate, animals and fauna. Because South Africa is surrounded by three different oceans (South Atlantic, Indian and Southern Ocean) the climate produces nearly all the time a continuing steady blow of wind and at the southern shore a steady rain fall throughout the whole year affecting a green landscape. This area is known as the Garden Route.


The Garden Route stretches out from the southern eastern coast including: Mossel Bay Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Little Brak Riverland, Natures Valley and George (the largest city in the Garden Route).

The first place of arrival is for the most people Cape Town. Cape Town is a very nice city and you can go to several beaches, hiking up to the Tabletop Mountain or Lionshead , have a swim with penguins(!) or simply hang out at the waterfront or long street for a couple beers and to enjoy mediterranean climate.

Now when you’re heading to the eastern shore you pass by Mossel Bay. Mosel Bay is a nice little city at the ocean. You can eat some good fresh fish over there and go to a safari in a private game reserve. In a game reserve you get in a four wheel drive off road vehicle and drive around for approximately 2 hours. Within those 2 hours you’ll see, if you are lucky enough (it depends on the time) Africa’s BIG FIVE and many more animals. The Big Five including: Lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros.


When you drive a bit into the heart of the country you come to Outdshoorn. Close to Outdshoorn you have the most beautiful mountain pass in whole South Africa. The Swartberg Pass and with it the Swartberg mountains, are amongst the best exposed fold mountain chains in the world. The view is just stunning. Another must do are the Cango Caves. The tunnel system goes on to almost 4 kilometers and with a guide you can explore a bit of the caves. In some places you have to crawl and climb through different rock formations. But even without the little adventure tour you can see the breathtaking limestone cave with its stalactites and stalagmites.


When you head even further to the east coast you pass by Plettenberg Bay. Plettenberg Bay is close to the Tstsikamma National Park. The park covers an 80 kilometers long stretch of coastline. Nature’s Valley is at the western end of the park, and the main accommodation is at Storms River Mouth. Near the park is the Bloukrans Bridge, the world’s highest bungee jump at 216 meters. It is well known for its indigenous forests, dramatic coastline, and the Otter Trail. The Otter Trail is a hiking trail which is 41km long and takes 5 days with comfortable huts and superb views.

You made it to the end! Hopefully this short article gave you a little imagination and inspiration for your next holiday trip or road trip. Thank you very much for reading. (:

By Patrick Zimmermann

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