Project “Development of SOFT skills for LONGTERM (Self)Employment!!!”

15137495_627683257392892_8439445800449113954_oVolunteers Centre Skopje, in cooperation with the local partners “Da Naucime” and with support from the Municipality of Probishtip, in the period between 1st of November 2016 till 20th of January 2017 has successfully implemented the project named “Development of SOFT skills for LONGTERM (Self)Employment!!!”. The project was implemented with a grant received by the PSM and Euro Center Foundations, in the framework of their project “Building of local capacities for development of youth policies”, supported and financed by the European Commission.


During the project’s lifetime, we have implemented the following activities:

– Introduction event- open discussion, on which we presented the goals of the project and successful youth entrepreneurship stories, was implemented together with our local partner from Probishtip, “Hand Made Art”, in the middle of November.


– Language course (German language), which lasted between 6th of December till 11th of January 2017.20161216_120702

– Three two-day training workshops on the subjects of: development and creation of business plan and entrepreneurship, active citizenship (advocacy and lobbying) and training for preparation of CV, letter of interest and preparations for job interview.

– Closing conference-discussion, on which we presented the results produced by this project. It was implemented in middle of January 2017.

The target group of the project was young unemployed persons, aged 18-27, citizens of the Probishtip Municipality. As well, because of the interest by the youngsters, we decided to extend the target group and include students aged between 15 and 27 years old.

20161216_124049For the successful implementation of the project, first of all we would like to thank the representatives from the Municipality of Probishtip for their support and logistics, and as well, to thank our partners from “Da Naucime”, who were directly in charge for implementation of part of the activities. In this manner, we would like to thank the PSM foundation for the confidence in us and for the grant, which helped us to follow try the activities we designed, which were positively accepted not only by the direct participants in this project, but as well, from the larger audience in the Municipality of Probishtip.


We are looking forward to the next possibility to cooperate again with the Municipality of Probishtip and the young people from there, because they left us with great impression!

By Gjoko Vukanovski

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