Tell me about you!

“Tell me about you!” Is a youth exchange which took place from 27.02 to 08.03 in Sarata-Monteuru Buzau, Romania with 40 members from 8 countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Spain, Macedonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania. The context is economical crisis in Europe with a great rate of underemployment that among youngsters is over 22 % in every country. IMG_3992Youngsters have difficulties in preparing and properly presenting themselves in interviews for getting a job and also some of them do not have enough competences to access the labor market. The aim of this project was to increase employability among youngsters between 18-25 years old by developing key competences to provide a good quality for job interview.

We as a participants from the NGO “Volunteer Center” were part of the project and we  gained  beautiful and positive experiences that would contribute to present ourselves better in the future as individuals. Each day we  had a special and creative activities and workshops, during activities of team building learned how to be patient, to listen to other participants and their ideas and how to combine and cooperate together to achieve the objective. The activities foreseen for the preparation  were learning about each other, trust each other, encouraging   team building , presentation of the participants for their  NGO, getting to know Erasmus + programme and Youthpass certificate, cultural visits in surroundings and in Buzau, intercultural evenings, thematic and creative workshops, interview workshops, daily, midterm and final reflection-evaluations. IMG_3991 The final results were the conclusions from workshops gathered in a brochure,3 promo video clips to promote models and techniques of job interviews, a facebook page and a DVD that contain results and informative ad educational materials.

There are many different people from different cultures and countries in this project, and there were some activities, where we found that there are differences, but no misunderstandings as theater stereotypes of each country and intercultural evenings. Every country presented another country , Spain was represented by Macedonia  and Latvia represented Macedonia.

In Monteoru we had 3 different workshops with specific objectives to develop our skills and get our jobs. In couple we experienced how to be both an employer and a candidate, first simulating a phone discussion, then a Skype one. The most interesting interviews were “Face to face” because we did not know who will be our partner and what will be the question but we managed to answer and pass the interviews. We increased our English skills, our self-confidence, power of improvisation and spontaneous reaction. The last workshop was with   experts on human resources which was a serious test for all of us who have worked hard and we tried, and we learned many things.



This workshop was very important for our project because it is directly related to unemployment and the job interviews. The main objective of this workshop is to create a CV as a team and thus to gather more knowledge about how to know to build, what should contain and the key competences. We learned what information is most important for the position you are applying for, we recognize our mistakes and we learned how to avoid them. Because of the variety nationalities, cultures, knowledge and years we made unique ideas.


This youth exchange had a profound impact on our team, we return satisfied, with great knowledge, we found out what our weaknesses are  and how to solve them, we have learn a lot about the key competences, after this we have the ability to work in multicultural environments, the ability of individual and TEAM WORK with motivational spirit, open to new ideas and challenges with a desire for upgrading our knowledge. We are grateful to all the members who contributed to this project be more than SUCCESSFUL.

By Gjoko Vukanovski




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