Diversity is the best expression of freedom. If diversity bothers you, you are born on the wrong planet. And that is why you should not attack what you don’t know. Those were the main messages from the training that took place in Bar, Montenegro from 03-12 March.


Our organization send three young volunteers to participate of the second mobility activity in of the All Raise Against Hate Speech project, organized by the NGO “PRIMA”   . In the amazing Bar, 40 participants from 10 different countries together learned that what is perfect for you, doesn’t have to be perfect for me and what is perfect today doesn’t have to be perfect tomorrow.  The basic aim of this project was to educate us about how to create and run campaigns against hate speech in their respective countries – partners in this project. We learned the tools how to fight against: hate speech, misuse of power, gender based violence, nationalism, racisms, sexual abuse and discrimination, as well as social exclusion and all other consequences caused by it.


In the first days we shared our expectations and fears towards this project  and their potential contributions to it,  we did some team building activities and learned about Violence – types and causes. Don’t kill me for not being like you – was our main slogan. Than we discussed about Hate speech and its concepts like digital safety – phishing, internet scams, malware, online predation, sexting. We talked about the impact and effect: Why does hate speech matter? Than it was time for us to be creative and came up with some ideas for promotional videos/movies responding to the hate speech and digital violence. After we edit and finalize the videos/movies we discovred different strategies to act and Practical tools in prevention Hate Speech. Working in national teams we developed our national activity plans to prevent and fight against online violence and Hate speech. In the end before we go back to our countries we presentated our National Activity plans.

In order to carry a positive action our country our national team tried hard to develop a positive vision. Because of that we came home full with enthusiasm and ready for action.


But that is not all. We have a good basis for the second part of the campaign. Two of our volunteers, Rushid and Darko who were a part of the first training, conveyed the ideas to the youth in Skopje by organizing a short and intriguing courses regarding this topic.

Our team believes that thinking will not overcome fear but action will.

In the end, are we going to be a part of the problem or part of the solution?

Danche Azmanova

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