Italy, Sicily, Erasmus+, intercultural company, sun…


Another Erasmus+ project with a lot of optimism, excellent mood and a topic from which we can learn a lot.

From 4th to 12th April, as participants on Volunteers Center Skopje  from Macedonia we participated in the training course  “Leader Training: With Media Literacy towards Cultural Awareness and Tolerance” project that addressed on issues while working with children, smaller and bigger groups from different environment, countries, cultures. Taking into account the big impact on media in today’s society and the impact over the generations to come.


As two participants from Macedonia we had a lot of optimism and positive thoughts about this adventure in the south part of the boot in Italy.

The Italian group and the organizers welcomed up with traditional Italian pizza and friendly attitude. The place Petralia Sottana where the project took place, on first look a city without any activity, in the middle of nowhere, has grown into a place with a lot of great memories.


We started the project with shy atmosphere, getting to know each other, getting familiar with the topic, the surroundings and the place where we were accommodated.

Games and workshops  that contributed to become closer and meet the participants that came from a lot of countries, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Latvia, England, Czech, Finland, Portugal, Turkey and Hungary.

Next, we began with the topic of the project, a workshop about teamwork where we had a task to build a structure as high as possible. Every participant shared ideas that lead to the best solution.


As we came to the midterm of the project we got closer to volunteering day in the municipality of Petralia Sottana. As part of the project every participant took place in the activity of preparing the local park and the open theater for summer shows that are organized by the municipality.

In the next days we made a visit to Cefalu and we saw all the tourist beauties of Sicily, city on the beach, sun, sand, landscapes, place to enjoy.

As the end was getting near we focused on Media Literacy, managing medias, they influence in society. In the workshops and activities a lot of different opinions were shared, thoughts and ideas from other countries and cultures on how to handle the media in today’s society.


Overall excellent organization of the project, with rare compact group of participants. Great experience, a lot of new and valuable friendships. As the end of the project came, also did sad thought of leaving, but the pleasure was bigger that we were part of such great intercultural company.

Daniel Jankov

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