Mersin is such a magnificent place, I don’t say this just because it is my hometown. I highlight this because I spent 20 years in Mersin and I was so curious to find the best places, virgin areas to go with friends to make barbecue, drink Rakı, relax in the nature. To be honest this is what I lıke. Therefore, in order to find a cozy place in Mersin I spent enough effort and I believe I found a lot of good locations which are uncovered for the majority of local people. The most of them would like to go to mall and spend all weekend time in the building among the crowd.


Sometimes getting away from the civilization is better than staying in crowded place. Occasionally we should do this as a relaxing method for our brain and listen to ourselves within the nature. So let’see what I mean  with the help of the some photos.

Here is one of my best places that is called Boğsak island, even though not so huge it fıts technical term of being an island. I used to go there with my friends to light a big fire on the beach, cook, swim at night and fall asleep near the fire. If you are looking for peace, congratulations you have found it.If you are keen on fishing or camping, Boğsak is a good spot. You might find another camper beside your tent when you wake up another day. This ıs wild area therefore sea is so clear and clean .

Also this area is inhabited by caretta carettas. If you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of them when they show above the sea.

Dear Readers let me introduce you Akyar.This is the place that I love especcialy in spring because in that time it is an empty and perfect place to go and make a barbecue. In the mean time to feel the water on your feet you may want to put your table in the sea as it is so shallow.


I go there since  I was fifteen years old with my friend . To reach Akyar bay you need to pass a path which takes some time to go there, therefore if you want to add Akyar bay to your plan, be sure to take everything what you need before you go there. I almost forgot there is one humble fish restaurant where you can find a delicious fish and blue crab.

Uğur Doğuş

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