10 Things to do in Dubrovnik


This amazing city in southern Dalmatia is bordered on one side by pure Adriatic waters and on the other by imposing limestone cliffs that seem to rise up to the sky. Dubrovnik is a beautiful Baroque city that was rebuilt after the terrible earthquake of 1667, and the old historic center is surrounded by sturdy and impassable walls. The city symbolizes with perfection the history and the drama. So it was no surprise that she was chosen to become one of the flagship locations in the Game of Thrones series. So now you will discover what to do in the wonderful Croatian city.

  • Old town, Walk long of the StardunStardun

The Stardun is the main street of the old town of the Dubrovnik overhang by a bell tour, here you can find most of the touristique boutiques and it’s the best place for chill and look people around with coffee or croatian beer.


  • Walk on the dubrovnik wallSONY DSC

2 km long and never taken by invaders in the history. The remparts offer the perfect view for discover the Stardun, roofs of the city, sea and islands for the top. Is advisable to visite it in the morning or at the end of the day for a beautiful light, lower temperature and less tourist !


  • Take the cablecar for the best view of the city


The Cable car take around 10 minutes for go to the top of the Srd mont who overlooks the city, or for brave you can hike to the top in 2 hours by walk but it’s available to choose the time cause of temperature in summer.


  • Take time for a boat travel and discover island


The closer island of Dubrovnik is Lokrum island, you can go there in 10 minutes with one of every hours boat. In the island you can find a benedictine monastery upgrade in monk museum and for game on throne fans in game of throne museum where you can find the iron throne ! and some exclusive videos from the video shoots. You can also find on the top of the island a Fort Royal build during the french occupation, here you can admire the charm the dubrovnik by the sea. In Lokrum you can also enjoy the botanic garden, the sea in rock part or a parc where you find peacock and rabbit colony.


  • Make one of the plentiful walking tour for discover the story of the city Bonus for Game of Throne fans make the game of throne tour dans feel like in king’s landing.


In Dubrovnik you can find a lot of different tour and for every taste ! Walking history tour, Old town and Walls tour or Game of throne walking tour everybody can find what is looking for in Dubrovnik.


  • Enjoy the sun on beaches


What to do in Dubrovnik after visiting its biggest places? Why not simply take the time to admire the horizon? There are not many sandy beaches in Croatia. The white sand of the Banje beach had to be “imported”. The old ramparts rise impressively in front of you. You are in the forefront of the Eastwest, a beach bar where you have the opportunity to be ready.


  • Go out of the city for the peaceful time in the arboretum of Trsteno


This arboretum is the Eden garden of Dubrovnik, freshness and silence reign in the renaissance style garden built in 1494. During the seism of the XVI century the principal house of the garden was rebuilt and the new one was built, the garden is also transform in neo-romantic style during the XIX century. Interesting for nature passionate and for holidays walker you will like to discover the chapel or the beautiful fontaine

Even Game of Thrones recognized its beauty and filmed on this mystic location.




  • Test the dalmate cook

Forget the pictures of the menus of tourist restaurants on Prijeko Street and visit the old town of Kopun (Croatian word meaning “young cock”), a restaurant where you can taste the local specialties. If you want to eat seafood, head to Bota Sare. This restaurant, renowned for growing its own oysters near Ston, has opened an oyster and sushi bar. Finally, if you wish to have a romantic dinner with the chosen one of your heart, go to the Prora Beach Restaurant. You can taste delicious seafood prepared by chef Peter Obad while admiring a magical panorama of the old town that seems straight out of the waters of the Adriatic. Drink beer on the port with the sunset port during the sunset is the peaceful place of the city for a beer with friends for started the night. just enjoy te beer and watch last boat come back home with the sunset background.


  • Hangout in the old town


Your advise to go out in the most incredible club of dubrovnik, in the old town practically part of the forteresse you can find the Revelin Club. Big and decorate with old column, actual, techno and dancing music, Revelin will bring you in an other univers between XIII century and today for the night.


Laurène Duvert




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