Training course “Freedom of learning” in Latvia

TC RigaFrom 30th April till 6th May 2017, members of Volunteers Centre Skopje attended on the training course: Freedom of learning, which was held in Riga, Latvia as part of Erasmus+ programme in which participated 24 participants from 8 countries: Latvia, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Poland,  Romania, Macedonia and Portugal. One of the main activities of which was given special attention was dyslexia, education of people with dyslexia and possibilities for career improvement.latvia

Dyslexia is a specific difficulty in reading, writing and spelling in circumstances where sight and hearing are normal function in conditions of normal reading instructions given by the teacher or parent. Dyslexia is not a phenomenon that is visible and that you can recognize when talking to an individual who has. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Alexander Bell, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, John Lennon, Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Tom Cruise, Salma Hayek are just some of the famous figures in history who had dyslexia.

As part of activities was organized visit to rehabilitation center: „Upesleju internātpamatskola – rehabilitācijas centrs“ which is also school / boarding school for children as it includes: kindergarten, primary and secondary school with specially equipped rooms for different activities: physiotherapy, salt room, program for housekeeping, wood processing, relaxation room for children with autism etc. The Rehabilitation Center which this year marks its 40th birthday is a positive example for the care of the society towards this category of children by providing appropriate conditions for further development and more easily adapt in society.

18209069_1464280883623052_1913087289103145514_oI think, that it is very important to introduce young people with dyslexia. Dyslexia is widely known but still not very well understood specific learning disability. Some youngsters can’t understand themselves or their friends problems. This course we can consider as peer education of educators – people from different countries bring to their organizations knowledge and tools about working with dyslexia decreasing or how to make the life of dyslectic more easy – said Mrs. Ināra Kļaviņa, member of board of Latvian Speech Therapist Association – largest professional association of speech therapists in Latvia and member of board of the Association “Healthy Development School” from Ādaži, Latvia.latvia 1.jpg

As part of the project participants prepared a manual with best practices for peer education with the aim of bringing awareness about dyslexia and other specific language disorders. The handbook summarizes the project activities and the participants specially designed integration of such persons in the activities that they are a fun way to learn and upgrade.


Mihajlo Donev

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