Bike Rodeo 2017 in Macedonia

Wild West and horses or maybe bikes?


This time in Kocani cowboys chose two-wheeled vehicles and faced obstacle course. Eco Logic organized yet another event focused on promoting cycling and encouraging children to do sports. 40 pupils from 8 primary schools from Bregalnica region in the Eastern part of Macedonia tried their cycling skills on a track which tested their sense of balance, control, acceleration skills.


On 25th May, eight teams from different schools gathered on one of pitches to compete for the best time and the most precise drive through. The teams consisted of mixed pupils, aged between 10 and 14 years. In total duration of ninety minutes.18664386_1352124838202564_504563666351955739_n

DSC_0078Even though Kocani welcomed us with partly cloudy day, it stayed rainless and soon the sunshine warmed up atmosphere on the pitch. Everyone could feel excitement in the air, all in all 40 children went through humps, bridges, platforms and slopes to have fun and check out their skills. Host school provided cheerful support, kids were instructed what to do in case of fall by first aid kid show that took place after the competition was over.











The participants successfully managed to complete the challenge that consisted of several bicycle exercises. They showed great team spirit and deservedly received prizes from organizer of this event; organization Eco Logic.

Bike Rodeo is organized for the fourth time in a row and each time is enriched with new exercises and challenges for children. The exercises are completely conceptualized, designed and developed by the team of Eco logic.


Our volunteers Aleksandra Grzyb and Dominik Daniel were part of this activity as part logistic support together with the organization team.

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